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Kids are getting devices from a younger age with every passing year which yields great benefits as they learn skills that will last them a lifetime. With these benefits comes inherent dangers of the online world. New Irish Kickstarter campaign iKydz is a must have device for all parents with children accessing the internet in the home.

iKydz Box ModemThe modern home is likely to have internet access in every single room, meaning it’s difficult to know if your child has really gone to sleep or is lying in bed browsing the internet. New Irish Kickstarter, iKydz, is an amazing simple solution to controlling your child’s access to the internet without being overly intrusive. iKydz is a two part concept comprising of a “black box” which very simply plugs into your modem and an app which you download to your either your Android or Apple device.

iKydz AppYour smartphone then becomes the home’s internet control centre which can allow and deny internet access to individual devices. Access can be controlled either manually or on a schedule and is not limited to just tablets and phones. Laptops and games consoles are also included, meaning you can limit online gaming to the weekend or ensure only Microsoft Word is being used on the laptop for that assignment that’s due.

iKydz is a practical tool that all parents will surely appreciate. You can set bedtime settings based on different children, meaning their internet access is regulated at different times including different times on the weekend. Special mealtime settings ensure you won’t be looking at that strange glow generated by a smart device’s screen on your child’s face during dinner. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you can block certain content which you deem unsuitable for your child, whether it be they to young for social media sites or stemming their interest in adult and gambling sites.

While we do not want to reduce the importance of maintaining an important and open dialog with your child regarding their internet usage, iKydz is a priceless tool to ensure your child enjoys a safe online experience without feeling their parents are invading their privacy.

We can’t imagine a home being without these devices in the future and you can now back iKydz on Kickstarter. The device starts at €79 for early adopters who will receive the device in June 2016.

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