One Trick To Help You Find Live Twitter Spaces To Join

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I’m hooked. I can’t quite explain why the whole Clubhouse phenomenon passed me by without much interest, but Twitter Spaces has me hooked. This week, the social media giant Twitter announced that they were opening up their Spaces feature to anyone with over 600 followers. I’ve been floating between rooms for a couple of days now and have had one complaint. It’s really hard to actually find conversations to join.

I’ve just discovered on little trick that helps you search for and find all current active Twitter Spaces.

Finding Active Twitter Spaces

Spaces is still a little buggy and does have a bit of a rushed feel to it. For this reason, Twitter ironically doesn’t have a dedicated space in their app for Spaces. Writing is hard sometimes.

There is, however, a work around. So far, I’ve been finding rooms by searching for “spaces”, “#TwitterSpaces” or something along those lines. The search results bring a lot more people complaining about not being able to host than actually conversations to join. However, with some tweaks, the search results will return nothing but Twitter Spaces to join.

How To Search For Twitter Spaces

  1. Open the Twitter app
  2. Click on the search bar
  3. Copy this and paste:
  4. Hit enter
  5. Switch from “Top” to “Latest”

Now, you’ll see the latest active Twitter Spaces in chronological order. Look at how pretty it is:

For me, this is a game changer. With this, it’s much easier to find conversations and jump in for chats.

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