GIF Meme Generator: Morphin Lets You Star in a GIF

morphin meme gif generator

GIFs are amazing, aren’t they? Pronounced GIF, with a hard “g”, like golf unless you’re a weirdo who pronounces it JIF, GIFs have changed how we communicate with each other rather dramatically. I’d say they’re actually second only to emojis. Just recently, Revolut added the functionality to send money to friends along with a GIF. Why? Well, why not? There’s a team of app developers who realised people want more from GIFs and these guys created Morphin – a GIF meme generator that lets you star in some of the best-known GIFs from modern popular culture.

How Does Morphin Work?

It’s mad simple. The team behind Morphin has taken some of the best-known GIFs on the planet and created computer-generated versions of them. I’m talking Ross from Friends’ offensive hand gesture, Iron Man donning his JARVIS powered suit and, my own personal favourite, John Travolta as Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction looking around completely lost.

The app loads by bringing you through the process of picking a GIF meme you’d like to star in before helping you take a selfie. Just like that, you’re done. You need to wait a moment as the app works its magic and you can read a fun pop-culture fact about your meme while you wait before you’re GIF is delivered, all nice and ready to share.

The backgrounds are generally photo-realistic while the CGI-based actors sometimes look like PS2 graphics. Still, don’t let that take from how gas this is. I can only imagine the Morphin team will be expanding their catalogue and improving imagery.

Examples of Morphin’s GIF Meme Generator

Here are some I made earlier:

Ross from Friends giving the hand gesture

ross hand gesture gif reactionIron Man suit up GIF

iron man suit up gif meme

Raise a glass to Morphin

the great gatsby gif reaction

Make your own Pulp Fiction Gif

make your own pulp fiction gif

Morphin: The Verdict

Are the resulting GIFs perfect? No, but the app is in a very early BETA at the minute so I expect it to improve. With that said, Morphin is absolutely worth a download right now to have a play with. I, for one, will be adding all of these GIFs to my arsenal.

Don’t just send the usual boring old GIFs. Wow people with a well-known meme’d GIF starring your good self. You can apply to join the early stage BETA over here for Android and iOS.



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