Get Fujifilm Instax Film Cheaper Online Than Urban Outfitters

cheaper fujifilm instax mini 9

I was wandering around Dublin there today and found myself in Urban Outfitters in Temple Bar. Straight up, I love that shop. It feeds the senses as they really stock some amazing stuff. At the same time, if you don’t come to your senses quickly in there, you’re likely wasting money. It’s not because they sell crap, but they sell stuff that’s way overpriced. Sure, if you need to get something quick, you’ll probably be willing to pay the extra, but if you can wait for delivery, you could save a fortune, picking up items like Fujifilm Instax film on the cheap along with lots of stuff that Urban Outfitters stock. I rummaged around and found just a few items that you can save a packet on by shopping around.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera

Fujifilm released their Instax camera a few years ago and this thing is damn cool. We live in a world of unlimited photos thanks to our smartphones, but this also means our snaps men less. Like, how often do you look back through your pics? Fujifilm’s Instax camera means you do have limited shots, but they’re instantly printed out and you can pop them on the fridge or lob them into a frame to be enjoyed forever. Isn’t that better?

Well, it’s at least better in some circumstances so if you’re interested in getting one of these Instax Cameras, don’t pick it up in Urban Outfitters as the Instax Mini 9 will set you back €105 while you could pick it up for just €89 on – delivery is free. Actually, you can quite possibly find it cheaper in other stores on the high street too. A quick Google and I found the very same camera going for €89 in Conns Cameras, just a six minute walk away. Of course, I know not everyone reading this will be shopping in Dublin, but I just want to show how valuable shopping around is. You can save money by either shopping online or taking a short walk, but don’t be afraid to look around before you hand over your money.

Now, you’re going to need some film for that camera; I know, film. Crazy, right?

Cheap Film for the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera

If you find yourself in Urban Outfitters thinking about buying film for your camera, again, please stop yourself. I’ve noticed that I’m, at least, part hipster, but I hate the thought of how many people willingly pay the hipster tax in this place. It reminds me of CEX and their scandalous prices for used gadgets. If the Instax Camera pricing didn’t convince you, surely the film will. If you think about it, there are probably people who only buy their film in Urban Outfitters and every time they do, they are losing money.

Let’s take this Fujifilm Instax Mini Rainbow film which gives you ten pictures:

cheap instax mini film

This pack will cost you €20 in Urban Outfitters, or €2 per picture assuming you don’t make a mess of any shots! The same pack costs just shy of €11 on Amazon – delivery is free. The same on the high street in a shop like Conns, costs you just €11.50. That’s between €1.10 and €1.15 per picture instead of €2. That’s about a 42% saving just by shopping around but also a massive saving every single time you need to buy more film.

Slightly irked by how expensive their gadgetry was, I went on the offensive and dug out some more rip offs on show in Urban Outfitters.

Grab a Much Cheaper Rose Gold iPhone Charging Cable

Yup, this place belongs in Temple Bar where the price of a pint will make a grown Irish man cry. Urban Outfitters is selling non-Apple branded rose gold iPhone charge cables for €14. You’ll get a very similar cable on Amazon for €8.

Where to Buy Cheap and Cool PopSockets

Straight up: Urban Outfitters has some really cool PopSockets. Perhaps nothing sums up the shop better than an avocado Popsocket which I actually really like.

avacado popsocket

I couldn’t find that on Amazon either, but if you want to grab a Popsocket on Amazon and pineapples are more your thing you could save €2. I’m actually gonna give this one to Urban Outfitters. They’re a good spot to visit for PopSockets. Unfortunately, this is a rare win for the shop.

Smartphone Fisheye Lens, Wide-Angle Lens and Macro Lens

First of all, be careful buying these things from anywhere. Depending on your phone, they simply might not work. For example, I’ve got the Huawei P20 Pro which uses a triple lens so a single add-on lens is of no use to me. Also be careful where you buy these things. Urban Outfitters will charge you a whopping €35 for a simple lens kit with a fisheye, wide-angle and macro lens:

cheap fisheye lens

Head on over to and you’ll pick up a very similar lens kit for just €10. You can save €25 by just ordering online. I know a lot of people give out about how online is killing good old retail stores, but Urban Outfitters is praying on people unwilling to shop around. This gadget is one of the most incredible examples of that.

Is Urban Outfitters Good Value?

No. You seem to be paying some kind of tax in that shop for the privilege of shopping there. They stock some cool gear but you can buy nearly all of it online for a fraction of the cost. Be sensible, don’t impulse buy and check out online options along with other high street stores. Sorry, but some of the prices in their literally made me angry.

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