CES 2016: Augmented reality is tech you will use

Augmented reality is one of those pieces of technology that will quietly develop in the background, out of sight before bursting onto the scene in a blaze of life changing glory. It’s not there yet, but one of the most practical implications for augmented reality has appeared at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016.

What is augmented reality?

Screen-Shot-2015-07-06-at-8.43.53-AMA fair question to which we hope we have a very simple description. You know that view that RoboCop, Terminator or Iron Man has when in the suit? These guys can see the whole world live but have a computer screen layered over what they see to provide them with more information. This is pretty much augmented reality in a nutshell. Instead of you requiring a million dollar suit with a fancy helmet, you simply use your smartphone and its built in camera to provide you with this second layer of information on the world that surrounds you.

CES 2016: Hyundai using augmented reality

We can all be guilty of believing simple tasks being harder than they really are to the point where we avoid them. While some automotive tweaks and fixes can be complex, many fit the description of being doable yet regularly avoided. To eliminate the fear of making things worse when your car acts up a little, Hyundai are looking to augmented reality to hold your hand through certain tasks

Hyundai have built an app called the Virtual Guide, an app which will ease you into familiarity with your new Hyundai as well as guide you through basic maintenance. The usual bits and pieces are covered off such as where to check oil, or where your washer fluid goes.

Environmentally, this is a massive win. Just think of that massive manual that comes with every car and never gets read. Well know, the majority of the info printed within these pages can be replaced by a app on your smartphone. It’s the logical next step.

The Virtual Guide is available for the 2015 Hyundai Sonata model and will be expanding in the future. The app is compatible with Android and iOS.

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