Huawei Contactless: Pay With Your Phone In-Store

huawei p40 pro with curve card

It’s been a turbulent time for Huawei in Europe over the past few years. It’s been a while since the brilliant but problematic Huawei P40 Pro launched, but it does look like the P50 Series is about to launch this month. The P40 Pro is a hardware marvel, but it’s the first Huawei flagship to launch since parting from Google following the US ban. With it went Google Pay and the ability to tap your phone in-store to pay for stuff. Contactless payments are a crucial part of smartphones these days and Huawei has finally arranged a solution for Huawei HMS phone owners.

Curve Payments

I’ve been using a service called Curve for a few years now. It’s one of those funny apps that I have, but literally never even think about anymore. Curve lets me manage all my bank cards from a central app and card. As silly as it might sound, I have a card for Bank of Ireland, two for KBC, two for Revolut and another for N26. I have my reasons and none of them are dodgy before you ask.

Keeping track of all these cards is a nuisance and from time to time I might be found trying to pay for something with a card I don’t have on me. This is why I use Curve.

I can add all my cards to Curve which in turn gets linked to my final card; my Curve card. I can use this like any other bank card but it pretends to be from Bank of Ireland of KBC. The bad news is that, while it pretends, it’s spending your money.

Huawei has announced that Curve is now available in the AppGallery.

Huawei Pay Alternative: Huawei Contactless With Curve

Back before the world fell apart, I attended a Huawei launch event in Barcelona and asked the company’s CEO, Richard Yu, what plans were in place to overcome the issue of mobile payments. It’s not the solution Yu suggested it would be. I had assumed that Huawei Pay, the company’s own digital wallet, would be expanded to new markets. Instead, the partnership with Curve means that’s almost negated.

Now, you can install Curve on your Huawei HMS device, like the P40 Pro, and set up your payment cards. For example, you can add your Revolut card to the Curve app. Once set up, you just have to unlock your phone and tap to pay where ever you normally pay with a card.

Curve is also available for Android and iOS.

If you shop in the Huawei online store for something like the FreeBuds 4 (which are brill) you can get 5% back when you pay with Curve.

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