Unblock Netflix Part 2: InvizBox Go

We recently brought you news of Indiegogo campaign, Keezel, a box which could unblock international versions of Netflix along with plenty of other features. Now we’re bringing you a similar product, built here in Ireland! Let us introduce you to InvisBox Go.

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Given the connected world we live in, more and more public areas offer public WiFi. Connecting to these may save you some coin on your data bill, but you are leaving yourself wide open for cyber attacks. Following the Snowden leaks, more and more people are also concerned about who can see their info. InvizBox Go seeks to solve that problem.

hacking gifImagine the scene. You are sat in a coffee shop looking to connect to their open WiFi, but there is a classic computer hacker looking guy in the corner smiling at everyone connecting their devices to the shops WiFi.

You don’t want to play right into his hands with all your private data now do you?

InvizBox Go sits between your devices and the cafe’s open WiFi. If you’re interested in the super technicalities of how secure all of this is, you should check out this Ars Technica article covering the InvizBox Go’s older brother. As always, we’ll be keeping this focused on why this makes the everyday persons life better!

Unblock Netflix

What appears to be one of the most common desires of smart devices users, is once again made easy by the InvisBox Go. The InvisBox Go can trick your connection into thinking you are elsewhere in the world using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). This is great if you are Spanish, German, Chinese etc and want to watch some stuff from back home, but get smacked in the face with a geoblocked message, as you can simply side step this hurdle.

Extend your WiFi

A lot of problems were around for a long time before everyone started noticing them. Every Tom, Dick and Harry uses WiFi now and is finally realising how frustrating a poor signal can be. Just as frustrating is having a black spot in your home that’s simply too far away from the router to get a good connection. The InvizBox Go has a smart feature where you can use the device as an extender. It basically sucks the internet in and throws it back out again at full whack from it’s position, giving you a little extra range.

Charge your device

The InvisBox Go, as with the Keezel, can provide emergency power when needed. So if your phone dies when you’re out and about, plug into the InvisBox Go and power it back up.

The long term

Just like the Keezel, InvizBox Go is currently going through a crowdfunding process. Backers will receive one years free premium VPN access. Following that first year, you can continue to use the device for free or sign up to the premium service for €4 per month. This will be required to unblock Netflix.

Should I invest in Keezel or InvizBox Go

With two very similar options, this is the toughest questions. All tough questions are solved by tables.

InvizBox Go Keezel
Cost to Back €89 €88
Delivery Included Not Included
Premium VPN 1 year 1 year
Premium VPN Price per month €4 €4.50
Delivery Date February 2016 December 2015
Pros Irish, slightly better value, proven track record or delivering crowd sourced projects Design is gorgeous
Cons You’ll have to wait a little longer Don’t know how much delivery will cost, first time crowd sourcing  project


Right fine we’ll get off the fence. It’s really close between the two devices. While they match up on spec, the Keezel is designed to perfection aesthetically. With that in mind, the InvizBox Go is still in the prototype phase and is being created by a team familiar with the crowdfunding method. Their first device, the InvisBox, was a logicl first step and relatively successful. Finally, they’re Irish, so call us biased and all, but we love Irish companies like this.

You can support the InvizBox Go through their Kickstarter page.

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