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Facebook To Ban QAnon Across All Platforms

Facebook is a powerful platform. If you've watched The Social Dilemma, you know how it works despite Facebook disagreeing. But for along time, a debate has raged and a question has been left unanswered. Is Facebook a publisher? You might wonder why it matters, but this is huge. If Facebook is considered a publisher, they are responsible for what...

TikTok Secures Future With Oracle And Walmart Deal

tiktok secures deal
Yesterday we reported that TikTok was on the brink of a US ban by the Trump administration. Less that 24 hours later, and President Trump has signed off on a deal to secure the social media platform's future in the States and may instil confidence back in users worried about the security of the platform, albeit with the fact...

Trump Administration To Ban TikTok

trump to ban tiktok
Lads, 2020 is the year that just keeps on giving. I genuinely thought the whole Trump vs China via HuaweiGoogle Suspends Huawei Android License Following Trump Ban saga was going to be the most off the wall thing I'd see in tech for some time. Now, Donald is literally taking away American's last bastion of fun by banning TikTok. Is...