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Entertainment is much more than just Glenroe on a Sunday evening these days. We look at the latest movie trailers and Netflix binge-worthy shows to bring you the best entertainment news.

Dj Earworm – 50 Shades of Pop

It's getting to that time of year again as DJ Earworm had released his annual mashup of 2015's biggest hits. Every year, DJ Earworm releases these mashup, seamlessly blending together 50 of the years hottest tracks to create one new tune, this year titled "50 Shades of Pop". So without further ado here it is. Let us know what you think!

Big Game Launches: Fallout 4

fallout 4 wallpaper
It’s been a reasonably quiet year thus far for gaming, but the biggest titles of 2015 have yet to be released. We’re counting down the titles we are most excited about and have already looked at EA Sports' FIFA 16. Next up in our Big Game Launches series is the much anticipated Fallout 4. Fallout 4: What's it all about? To imagine the...

Unlikely movies that received award nominations

Unlikely movies that received award nominations
Movie piracy skyrocketing which can mean only one thing - award season is upon us. Between the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards, honours are divvied out amongst the best movies and industry individuals from the past year. While there are plenty of winners and losers, there have been some real surprise nominations over the past few years that you...

What’s on Netflix: Making a Murderer

making a murderer
Once upon a time, Netflix provided us with a selection of well known TV shows and movies, however in recent times the online streaming service have began churning out top quality original programmes. One of the latest such programmes is Making a Murderer, and boy is it amazing. Making a Murderer surrounds the true story and court case of Steven...

6 Signs You’re Addicted to Netflix

addicted to netflix
It's usually when the "Are you still watching" question pops up in Netflix that we all briefly question how many more episodes is acceptable to watch in one night. Here's the 6 signs that show you are addicted to Netflix. (Click images if they don't move) 1. Watching an episode a week feels wrong Back in the day, people could only...

What is EA Access?

What is EA Access
Founded in 1982, Electronic Arts (EA) have survived more than a few changes in the gaming industry. One of the most recent shifts in the industry has been towards direct purchases from your console. Spotting the trend shift, EA created EA Access, a hybrid between Netflix and popping down to your local GameStop. Only Xbox One users need apply So the name...

Awkward RTÉ Web Summit Interview

The back and forth battle between Web Summit and the Government would appear to have dragged RTÉ into the equation, as seasoned reporter Sharon Ní Bheoláin absolutely grilled Daire Hickey on RTÉ News this evening. Sharon began the interview by trying to land an early punch, stating "I should say we had expected to speak to Paddy Cosgrave, who had...

FIFA 16 demo now available

fifa 16 demo
If you've been counting down the days to the new FIFA 16 game, just like we have, there is a new scratch for that itch. Today saw the launch of the FIFA 16 demo on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The launch of the demo, is really like pre-season in the real world of football. The FIFA 16 demo allows...

Irish Facebook Reactions we still need

facebook reactions ireland
In an unsual step, Facebook unveiled it's long awaited answer to the calls for a dislike button, exclusively to their Spanish and Irish markets. Users can now like, haha, yay, wow, sad or angry in response to goings on with "the book". But let's be honest here, these are a little tame and don't really capture the raw emotion of...

Pokémon GO – Gotta catch ’em all

pokemon go
There are 150 Pokémon, if anyone says otherwise they are simply not to be trusted. With that off my chest we can focus on the startlingly ageing fact that Pokémon Red and Blue are celebrating their 20th year since we first held that wonderful game in our young tender hands. We wasted hours if not days of our precious childhood...