If you have a passing interest in sport, or simply want to have some water cooler banter ready on a Monday morning, 850 Sports Digest is for you.

850 Sports Digest appIn the 850 Sports Digest app, you won’t find any post match interviews, fan videos or action photographs. 850 Sports Digest is designed to be simple and straight to the point on the biggest sporting events.

Within 5 minutes you can scan through the biggest sports headlines, delving a little deeper to find goal scorers, race details or pivotal match moments. Again, you wont find videos, but important goals are treated to luscious graphics.

Screenshot_2015-03-23-21-03-08850 Sports Digest really prides itself on simplicity, as you can see through the settings page to the right. Simply pick your sports and “enjoy 10 minute daily round up of your favourite sports”.

In fact, that 10 minutes is supposed to be just before you start work at 9AM, hence the 8:50 in the title.

This UK startup looks great and has a solid idea behind it. This was enough to have raised a €4.5 million investment, suggesting 850 Sports Digest is only going to go from strength to strength.

You can grab 850 Sports Digest for free from both the Google Play Store and iTunes store.

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