What Are E-bikes? An Introduction

E-bikes are growing in popularity both in Dublin and nationwide. With the environment and health at the top of people’s mind, alternatives to both cars and public transport are much sought after. Without any previous experience with e-bikes, I set out to learn more about them. In the process, I met with Green Aer in Dublin to review the Riese & Müller Charger 3 and also take new e-bike share company, Moby Move, out for a spin.

Riese & Müller Charger 3 And Moby Move Review

E-bikes: FAQs

What are e-bikes?

E-bikes are largely like regular bikes. The big difference is that they have battery packs and a motor which assist you while cycling.

Are e-bikes legal?

Mostly yes. Last year, when emphasising that electric scooters were illegal, e-bikes were singled out as being legal in Ireland. This meant they should be treated the same as regular bicycles. However, some e-bikes are in a legal grey area. The reason for this is that some e-bikes are capable of doing speeds in excess of 45 kmph.

Are e-bikes worth it?

This is a very subjective question. E-bikes, while expensive, can empower people who’s had to quit cycling for health reasons. They are also popular for people who want to swap out long commutes by car or public transport but who don’t have shower facilities in their workplace.

Are e-bikes waterproof?

Living in Ireland, it’s understandable to wonder whether or not you can get an e-bike wet. The vast majority of high quality e-bikes are waterproof. It’s worth asking the shop you’re buying it from to confirm.

Can e-bikes go on footpaths?

No. E-bikes can be used just like regular bikes. You shouldn’t use either or these on footpaths.

Are e-bike conversions worth it?

No. E-bike conversions are often quite dangerous. These are regular bikes fitted with a motor to assist the rider. The problem is that these bikes are often fitted with assistance part but not upgraded brakes or chains. This makes them quite dangerous as they are not able to handle the power, in particular, under braking.

Can e-bikes go up hills?

Oh dear yes. This is one of their best features!

Can I rent an e-bike?

Given their price, e-bike rental is a popular option. Moby offers short and medium terms rental options.

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