Tesla to feature Bioweapon Defence Mode

Tesla are best known for making electric cars cool and teaching them to chauffeur you around, but now they may have reached their biggest development to date: Bioweapon Defence Mode.

The threat of air pollution

Air pollution is to driving what carbon monoxide is in the home: a silent killer. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), air pollution is “the world’s largest single environmental health risk”. Tesla have made combating air pollution a priority as it can be attributed to twice as many deaths per year as car accidents.

The HEPA filtration system

Taking inspiration from systems utilised in hospitals, Tesla developed a high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) for it’s latest series of electric cars. Why would a car want this you may ask? The answer is twofold.

The HEPA is halfway between a proof of concept and a practical solution. The reason for this is purely down to the fact that Tesla car itself needs to be adopted in the regions the HEPA is needed to combat the worst pollutions. In high density population areas such as India and China, the latest range of Tesla cars will be capable of sealing the internal cabin from bacteria and pollution.

Secondly, even if pollution isn’t a massive issue, pollen can be. Taking the US alone, 7.8% of people suffer from hay fever. The HEPA filter in Tesla cars, will filter our pollen which causes hay fever, ensuring the occupants of the cabin enjoy a most comfortable ride. What would happen if there was a bioweapon attack while you were on the way to Lidl?

Bioweapon Defence Mode

Besides having one of the coolest car feature names in history, Bioweapon Defence Mode provides amazing levels of protection from external bio-threats. To test the feature, Tesla placed the Model X in a gigantic bubble and pumped it with gases raising the pollution levels to extremely dangerous. Testers inside the car, wearing gas masks, activated Bioweapon Defence Mode and less than two minutes later, the HEPA system had scrubbed the cabin air. The testers then removed their masks and enjoyed fresh air.

Graph showing effectiveness of Tesla Bioweapon Defence Mode

This graph shows a comparison of the air within the cabin versus within the bubble and the results are astonishing. Some thought that such results must be gimmicky but the founder of Tesla as moved to quash doubts about the system.

Doomsday preppers rejoice, as this is a must have feature on your car.

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