The Game of Thrones Movie: Which actors play the big roles

game of thrones movie

Game of Thrones is back with more dragons, murder and sex than ever before.

There may be spoilers and you shouldn’t have clicked this link anyway. It’s your own fault.

The bastard lives! However, the hardest thing about being a Game of Thrones fan is knowing the end is in sight. After this season, will only be treated to 13 more episodes. While it’s unlikely HBO will commission a movie due to their streaming service subscriptions and all that nonsense could you imagine A Song of Fire and Ice on the big screen. We had a bit of a natter at Goos3D HQ and settled on who could play some of our favourite characters if a Game of Thrones movie was to be made.

Jamie Lannister – Chris Evans

chris evans in game of thronesThe man who sleeps with his sister, has three children through incest, helped his brother escape after he strangled a whore and shot his pops while he pooped is to be played by none only the Captain America himself Chris Evans.

We know it shouldn’t work as the two actors don’t exactly give of the same vibe but hear us out on this one.  He has the build, the on screen presence and the charisma to play the pretty boy of Westeros. From the Avengers we know he has the ability to do all the fighting required of a Lannister and we think it would be great to see him alongside Tyrion.

The Mountain – Tom Hardy

tom hardy game of thronesTo replace the strongest man on earth is always going to be tough. Being known as a moving mountain carries a certain wait with it. This was a tough call, with Tom Hardy just about winning over the destroyer of pancakes, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Hardy’s roles in movies like Warrior, Lawless and Batman have pretty much proved that he can play the silent, psychopathic murderous type to a tee. He’s also a bit of a beast physically making him for  the part.

The only negative factor here is that Hardy is not exactly a tall man, coming in under six foot. Johnson is a better fit in this sense, but we’re standing by Hardy.

Oberyn Martel aka The Red Viper – Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas game of thronesWhen one thinks of the Dornishmen, one thinks of Latino, silky smooth and a hint of arrogance. Really, who fits this bill better than Zorro himself, Antonio Banderas?.

He has got those silky smooth moves there for all to see in Take the Lead and the bad-ass fighter side we saw in the Zorro franchise, there wasn’t really a question as to who who else could play the Red Viper. There is an uncanny resemblance between Banderas and Pedro Pascal who played the character in the series.

Jon Snow – Christian Bale

christian bale in game of thronesLook for intensive purposes Jon Snow should only ever be played by Kit Harrington: he is perfect and it may already be the defining role of his career. If it did have to be someone else, the only logical replacement would be Christian Bale. He’s big he’s brooding, he is Batman and is an absolutely superb actor who has shown time and time again that he can do any role. Someone get that man a cloak and let his watch begins.

Cersie Lannister – Kaley Cuoco

This is another difficult one, with Julia Roberts ranking up there amongst the very best to take on the role. For the generation that’s in it, Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco is another who could slip into the role. Both could stand beside Chris Evans in his role. This one might be too close to call.

Varys – Oliver Platt

Platt in Game of ThronesYou might need to squint a bit before you agree, but there is something there. When you look at Oliver Platt and picture him bald and in a tunic, he just looks every bit of the scheming unic. Also Oliver Platt’s career has seen him act in some real top quality movies and spans almost 30 years, he has never been the main man but someone who fades in and out of the background but seems to always have a part to play in the story as a whole, sound like any one we know?

Tyrion Lannister – Peter Dinklage

He can’t be beaten. No one one else could realistically portray the “God of tits and wine” himself better than Dinklage.

It’s over to you now. Would you pick the same? For the roles we haven’t listed, who would you pick? Best tell us quick before they’re all killed.

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