About was started by Marty Meany in 2014. While working in a phone shop, he realised that the same questions were being asked day in and day out. After some Googling, he realised there wasn’t a dedicated consumer technology review website which answered people’s questions. And so, was born.

    Our mission is to talk about tech you’ll actually be able to afford and want to buy. We talk about tech that actually makes your left that little bit easier. That’s why our motto is – “It’s tech you’ll get”.

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    Marty Meany

    Founding Editor

    After years of adoring technology, Marty got a job in a phone shop while completing an MA History in University Limerick. In this phone shop, he realised people needed answers to tech questions. was born.

    Jon Harrison

    Deputy Editor

    Jon is the long-standing Deputy Editor of after joining the team way back in 2015. Jon is also the co-host of The Goosed Podcast and is known to be the resident ideas guys, driving innovation.

    Dean Ahern

    Reviewer and Podcast Host

    Dean is one of the most balanced reviewers in Goosed Tower. Joining the team in 2016, Dean has since been ever present with reviews and is co-host of The Goosed Podcast

    Gary Cronin


    Gary joined the team in 2016, bringing a massive knowledge of gadgets, entertainment and fantasy football insights. FAQs

    What does Goosed mean?

    It means two things, but we're only ever talking about one meaning. When working in Limerick, Marty's colleague used to tell customers their phones were broken by saying they were "goosed". While it's a colloquial term for "broken" or "banjaxed", it put people at ease. He wasn't sure whether it was because it just sounded like a funny word or because people liked familiar language. Either way, that's what it means and also how we got our name!

    Were you once

    Yes! We rebranded in 2018 because no-one knew how to pronounce our name. We bought it with the 3 because the other one wasn't available. We then bought a dot ie because we wanted to be very clear that our primary target market is Ireland.

    Is Goosed a valid scrabble word?

    Yes it is! Which of course validates us even more. On standard squares, "goosed" will earn you eight points.