Have you ever sat down and wondered “what is on Netflix today?”. Upflix is the must have app which helps you answer this question.

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Sure enough, if you are browsing Netflix on your laptop and certain devices, there is a really slick search function that will show you the latest additions to Ireland’s favourite streaming app. However, if you stream to many devices, such as the Xbox One, there are no options to show you recent additions. Enter UpFlix.

Up Flix What's on netflixUpFlix is such a simple but brilliant concept. It basically updates you when Netflix updates. The app also shows you the latest updates. Why Netflix doesn’t do this themselves is beyond us. Better still, UpFlix shows you a chronological history of movies and shows being added to the service, and you can go back through them at your leisure.

You can filter by genre but also see IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings to see if it’s worth losing an hour and a half of your life to a movie. If it’s your mobile device you play on or stream from, at the tap of a button, UpFlix seamlessly loads up the movie in the Netflix app, ready for your viewing pleasure.

UpFlix is free with ads, or you can pay to rid yourself of this mild inconvenience. Most importantly it’s also otimised towards the Irish market. You can download the ap now for Android and iOS for free.

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