KBC Launches New Banking App: Features and Benefits

new kbc banking app

KBC has just launched a brand new banking app and man, are they leaving the Irish competition in their wake.

Features of the New KBC Banking App

Right, well first off – it looks lovely and modern. This might seem like a fairly simple achievement, but customers of Bank of Ireland will tell you how frustrating a bank’s lack of digital ambition can be.

Beyond the looks, some killer new features peep out and as cool as they are, they are also suggesting a very interesting future lies ahead for KBC Customers

Card Details in App

I’ve found myself in this situation more than you might think. I need my card details but not my card. You know, you’re shopping online or trying to pay a bill over the phone or something and all you need is your card number and your CCV number. Maybe my wallets at home because I couldn’t find it and went to work with just Google Pay to keep me going (this happened twice last month). Now, you can still make online payments without reaching for your card.

This is great if you’ve forgotten your wallet (like me) or you’re too lazy to get up and grab your card from the kitchen table (also like me).

Instant Credit Cards

Another cool feature of the new KBC app is instant access to a credit card once you’ve been approved. I love the idea of this because I’ve been in that situation where you realise your wages just ain’t going to stretch. I think most people in Ireland are open to using more banking products like credit cards, but just don’t want to go through bank application processes. KBC has clearly spotted this and instant credit cards is the solution.

Once approved, your card appears in your app along with your number and CCV. You can then apply this to Google Pay or Apple Pay and away you go. This really is amazing stuff for the Irish banking market. Fingers crossed this works better than their onboarding did when I tried it out, but considering this is for existing customers, I can’t imagine there being too many complications.

Lost Cards

There’s an added benefit to this instant card functionality. If you lose your debit card, KBC can cancel that card, issue you a new one and have it appear in your KBC app. Again, you’ll have all the details you need to make online purchases but also be able to add your card to Google Pay and Apple Pay. Don’t forget, you can use these digital payment options up to your daily limit, not the €30 limit that your card has. You just might need to be stubborn with the people in the shop – trust me, I’ve lived it. One woman grabbed the card machine and refused to let me tap my phone for a €60 purchase.

The Future of Banking

The reason I think these improvements are exciting is because it’s paving the way for some really great innovation. Sure, these features are cool, but imagine being able to create a virtual card just for online shopping. No longer will you have to worry when a company loses all your data. Simply cancel that card and away you go.

Sure enough, Revolut is probably one of the few banks that can say they are ahead of KBC, but Revolut is failing the crucial litmus test – I wouldn’t put my wages into that account.

KBC is, once again, leaving the Irish banks in their wake. They’ve got a bit to go in order to catch up with Revolut, but at the same time, they are miles ahead in terms of trust. If you are looking for a new primary bank in Ireland and don’t want to go the whole hog with Revolut, KBC really has just reaffirmed its position as the best digital bank in Ireland.


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