How to get the Google Pixel 2 in Ireland: Everything You Need to Know

get the google pixel 2 in ireland

The Google Pixel is a funny old phone in Ireland. There was a huge amount of interest from Irish people looking for an alternative to Samsung and Apple. Unfortunately, there were no retailers ready to stock this market shaking smartphone. It was still possible to get the Google Pixel in Ireland and that what was one of our most popular articles last year. Now Google has launched the follow up with a not so creative title. Here’s everything you need to know about Google’s latest smartphone and details on how to get the Google Pixel 2 in Ireland.

So, Whats New With the Google Pixel 2?

The Let Downs

First thing’s first. Google has followed Apple and removed the headphone jack. Crap. Why would you do that? Why would you follow Apple on this of all thing? Well, the reason is they’ve made kick-ass wireless earphones which might make this less of a let-down after all, but more on that another time.

Actually, speaking of following Apple, a surprising development is where they didn’t follow the iPhone creators. Powered by USB-C charging and promising seven hours battery on a 15-minute charge, the Pixel 2 won’t have wireless charging. This is a feature I could now not live without, so it’s a pity Google hasn’t featured it.

Enough of the let downs.

What’s Great About the Google Pixel 2

At first glance, the best thing from Google’s launch event, as subjective as this might be, is the black top and white body. How upsetting to realise this is just on the bigger Google Pixel 2 XL. Such a shame this isn’t the standard style as it just looks so classy. It’s proving so popular that this more expensive model and colour has already sold out in the US. Still, looks are just looks. Better get into the nitty-gritty though, right?

‘Active Edge’ might seem a little silly, but since I’ve picked up the Note8, I actually appreciate having a physical way to launch your assistant. With the Pixel 2, a simple squeeze of the phone will launch your assistant.

Does it feel like that’s reaching a little? Well, the honest truth is very little else wow’s me about the Pixel 2. Sure enough, the fast charge seems impressive, the camera takes shots as good as any phone on the market and it’s a generally nice looking phone. The biggest win is perhaps the fact it’ll set you back little more than €700 to pick up before delivery charges and the likes.

Google seems to have focused on other hardware, like the Google Pixel Buds – again, a conversation for another day.

When Will the Google Pixel 2 Launch in Ireland?

Here we go again. Don’t hold your breath for an official place to but the Google Pixel 2 in Ireland this year. While there were murmurs that Carphone Warehouse might just stock Google’s flagship smartphone last year, that chatter never amounted to phones on shelves.

For some reason, Irish networks and Google just don’t see eye to eye on the Pixel 2 being easily available on our shores. But not all is lost. The Pixel 2 is available now, in the US, which means you can still order one and use An Post’s AddressPal to route your purchase to Ireland. You can probably add a few days onto that for AddressPal and you’ll pay a little more for delivery and customs charges.

If the US seems a little too much hassle, you can also look towards the UK. Google is one of the more logical places to order from but you’ll need to use Parcel Motel’s virtual UK address service. If you want to keep things simple, Amazon is probably the most straightforward place to pick up the Pixel 2 with this particular seller offering delivery to Ireland.

Carphone Warehouse UK is offering the Pixel 2 SIM-free but again you’ll need to use Parcel Motel. Officially, their terms and conditions state they don’t ship to lockers but we’ve heard their enforcement of that is hit and miss.

leaked google pixel 2

Will You Be Getting a Google Pixel 2?

How do you feel about ordering through a virtual address service? Would you go through the extra hoops to get your hands on Google’s latest flagship? Let us know. Give us a like on Facebook for the latest news, or sign up to the Goos3DLetter to get the latest on the Google Pixel 2.




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