BEBO is Back

A shiver goes up your spine as you read that title…but it’s not necessarily what you were thinking. Recently, BEBO announced in hilarious fashion that it would be making a return to our lives…

Come the end of January 2015, you and all your other BEBO Stunnaz will be able to revisit those cringey photos that sat alongside willies on whiteboards and sharing the luv on your BEBO page! If you can’t wait that long, or simply want to try out something for a bit of craic, BEBO have also launched something a little different.

Available now in the App Store and Play Store is BEBO, but not as you know it. BEBO has now targeted bringing a little more fun to the chat app world. You are not represented by yourself, but instead an avatar created by you when signing up to the app. A short tutorial involving “messaging” the teambebo account, demos the features of the app.

BEBO has a bonkers take on the concept of a chat app. As expected, you can type messages, but you can also incorporate hashtags. These hashtags are then converted into images. The app suggests that any hashtag will be converted into a comic image, but a few we’ve tested have failed to generate images.

BEBO ZOMBIE HASHTAG#zombie is perhaps the most enjoyable BEBO hashtag, with #twerk coming a close second. #draw brings one of the most popular features, the whiteboard, from Old BEBO to this new chat app. Simply type #draw and you can draw as many willies as you like. Finally, #trending lists the most popular hashtags on the BEBO app that you can use.

The BEBO app also allows you to type a status, edit your avatar, track your favourite hashtags and set your avatars mood.

Whether or not BEBO as a chat app will succeed or not remains a mystery. It may undergo a similar route to Snapchat which built a young base before more “mature” users began warming to the app. There is almost certainly going to be a huge volume of downloads on both Android and Apple as users come seeking a nostalgia fix, but it seems unlikely that the app can take on the likes of WhatsApp as a genuine communications solution. Regardless, the app is good fun, and with Christmas upon us, there is sure to be a few funny interactions between friends trying this out after a good helping of turkey.

All that remains now is that you sit tight, play with this and hope to god that nothing becomes of that announcement that BEBO photo you wanted destroyed will come back by the end of January or not – you’re dignity isn’t looking too good…

BEBO is bringing back your old photos
Screenshot taken from the BEBO landing page

Get in touch with GOOS3D on BEBO by searching our name! Or have your say on it all over on Facebook or Twitter.

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