Apple Showtime: What to Expect From Apple March 25th Event

Lord above I love a good tech keynote. Nothing beats a new product launch. But what the bloody hell does Apple have to launch in March? Their phones are selling away and there are no MacBooks or iPads due to be launched? My money is on a Netflix competitor.

What to Expect From Apple’s March 25th Keynote

Let me start with what you’re very unlikely to see. Any gadgets. I’m afraid if you’re hoping to iPads or MacBooks or folding Apple phones, you need to get your hopes and cut them way down.

No. Instead, Apple is starting to move into the services space.

You might have read my opinion in the Irish Times recently where I described the fragmented ecosystem consumers now find themselves in when it comes to entertainment. Disney will start their own service, pulling content from Netflix and now it would appear that Apple will launch it’s own streaming service.

Apple Video Streaming

Apple wants to directly take on Netflix and Amazon Prime with their own video streaming service and content creation platform, and they’ve been putting their money where their mouth is.

In typical Apple style, it’s all very quiet and hush hush so that’s pretty much all I have so far on this. The only other rumour is that Apple will also launch a Netflix style service for news too. To be totally honest, Irish consumers need not get too excited at all because all of these potential announcements have a pang of “not going to hit this island any time soon” off them.

The Apple Showtime even will take place on March 25th 17:00 GMT.

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