This Is Us: A rollercoaster of emotion in a TV series

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On 20 September, NBC released a very different kind of drama series. ‘This Is Us‘ became the 2016-2017 season’s surprise hit. The show is packed with 18 exciting episodes about life and family like you have never seen before on TV. Best of all, there’ll be a second and third season, but what is ‘This Is Us’ all about?

What’s ‘This Is Us’ all about?

‘This Is Us’ starts out telling a story of apparently unrelated people. As the pilot ends, we’ve learned the characters are in fact a family. We come to know the peculiar family through flashbacks, unveiling clues to the puzzle of their livesThe show is about love, life and death. The people you welcome into your heart and the fact we all move on. This fact colours everything in life. It’s what makes life special, and also make this show unique and touching.
‘This Is Us’ looks at the drama and comedy of people lives, along with the everyday problems we all experience. The show exposes the emotions and insecurities of the characters, who are each fighting their own battles.

Meet The Pearsons

Rebecca and Jack Pearson are a married white couple living the perfect life. They’ve survived a lot, largely down to the strength of their love. Death enters their lives when they lose one of their triplets during birth. Determined to leave the hospital with three children they adopt a black boy named Randall.
The three grow up to live very different lives – not simply down to different skin colour. Kate has to face her obesity. Kevin is a successful actor desperately seeking acknowledgement and to be taken seriously. Randall stresses a lot but has a perfect family, though he’s eager to find his biological father.this is us
You’ll fall in love with Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), one of the dearest characters for the fans. He’s a perfectly imperfect dad who fights for his family. Rebecca (Mandy Moore) is a strong mother with plenty of secrets and a burning desire to sing.
William is Randal’s biological father. He’s an extremely lovable character owing to his kindness, compassion and the story of his life: hard but beautiful.

What happens in the show?

Without giving too much away, ‘This Is Us’ uncovers the past and present of these characters’ lives. As is the case in real life, nothing will be easy for them with plenty of drama and tears afoot – keep the tissues nearby. The really good news is NBC renewed ‘This Is Us’ for second and third season. Season 2 will likely premiere in the autumn. NBC are yet to confirm an exact date.
Still, good to know if you binge-watch now you don’t have long to wait. It’s not yet on Netflix, but here’s hoping you can watch it here soon.
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