Shudder: Helping you find some scary movies to watch

shudder has the ultimate library of scary movies to watch

Everyone has that little sick part of them that loves being scared. You know that feeling, the one where you try to pay for something with your card, not knowing if you have the money or not. Should you find yourself seeking similar thrills, there’s a great new service that will help you find some scary movies to watch.

What is Shudder

Shudder is a dedicated movies streaming service for horror movies. One €4.99 monthly subscription gives you access to a curated selected of horror movies on your laptop, iOS or Android device. We were going to try to not mention Netflix in this article, but it just makes things easier. Shudder is Netflix for Horror. Shudder does, however, have a much more beautiful website and app. The little details are sublime, like how some buttons shake when you hover over them. While I find this important, the depth of the movie library is much more important.

Shudder has more than enough scary movies to watch

Night of the Living dead is one of the best scary movies to watch on shudderWhether you’re into movies that mess with your head or just good old fashioned gore, Shudder has you covered. The horror streaming service is pretty coy when it comes to saying exactly how big a streaming library is available to users. If it means anything, it passes the ‘Night of the Living Dead’ “test”. Users are greeted by 35 categories lovingly referred to as collections in Shudder.

Shudder Collections

Shudder’s collections make it really easy to find the perfect scary movies to watch. Some collections are pretty typical, ranging from “Psychos and Madmen” to “Zombie Jamboree”. Other collections are a little more specialist, namely “Gross Anatomy” which uses the “Human Centipede” as its primary image though the movie isn’t available.

If you feel that a particular movie is missing, they do facilitate users submitting movie requests. With that said, there is no shortage of scary movies to watch for varying taste levels of gore.

Shudder TV

Shudder TV is genius. As a man who recently got Sky, I appreciate just lashing on a TV channel and watching whatever is on. Shudder TV is an always-on streaming channel where you can just sit back and let the professionals pick your afternoon viewing. It’s never been easier to find the right scary movies to watch.

Shudder is worth it if you’re a hardcore fan

Let’s be honest here. If you are considering the likes of Shudder, you are likely a fan of horror. Scary movies aren’t exactly a niche market, but at the same time, you probably have another streaming service at your place. If this is the case, you already have access to some scary movies.  Shudder is for those of you who want lots of horror in your life and some of the really gory stuff too. Shudder has some social aspects to it too with reviews and comments available on all movies. So if you like the adrenaline rush that comes with horror movies, get on over and try our Shudder. Of course, there’s a free trial.

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