We’ve been loyal to Showbox for quite sometime, but if you’re looking to watch movies on Android, it’s time to move to Movie HD

You can download the Movie HD apk here. Read on for instructions on installing


Now we love Netflix, don’t get us wrong. There are currently some crackers on show there. Netflix also serves as the totally clean and easy to use method of watching movies on Android and iOS. At the same time, Netflix doesn’t always refresh itself quite quickly enough. Step into the legal grey area that is Movie HD.


Movie HD is the newer version of SKY HD which recently changed its name. If you could imagine Netflix that every now and then had movies that were in the cinema and TV shows that had just aired in the states then you get the Movie HD app. Currently, the iOS version is limited to Jailbroken devices, so we won’t go into that.


For now, if you are seeking to watch movies on Android, here’s how to do it.


1. Download the Movie HD apk file. Due to the grey area, you cannot download this app via the Google Play Store.

2. Go to settings and security on your Android device

3. Ensure the setting to “Allow installations from unknown sources” is checked or unchecked depending on the wording.

4. Load up the Movie HD apk file and follow the instructions to install.

5. Pick your show or movie and enjoy!

You can Like the guys behind the app on Facebook for updates regarding software improvements and how their iOS versions are coming along.

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