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Not so long ago, this whole craic of a McGregor Mayweather fight was just pub banter, similar to “could Predator beat Alien in a fight”. Well, much like that movie came true, the McGregor Mayweather fight is on. But just how difficult is it catching the fight in Ireland going to be?

When Is the McGregor Mayweather Fight On?

After years of speculation, Conor McGregor will finally take on Floyd Mayweather on 26 August. Yes indeed, that date is quickly closing in. Exact times are still a mystery, but in my experience, you’ll have to keep an eye regardless as a lot depends on how the undercard fares. The fight, as you would expect, is going to take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. As any event with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, this event is going to be a huge money spinner.

Where Can You Watch McGregor Mayweather Fight

Watching the fight only presents you with a couple of options. The most obvious one is going the legal grey area route. Streaming the fight is always an option, but I’m feeling my years. Unreliable streams wreck my head.

The most popular option will be to get the fight on Sky Sports Box Office. It’s quick and easy, allowing you to order at the press of the red button. Considering the size of this spectacle, Sky has managed to keep the cost fairly reasonable.

How Much Will It Cost to Watch the Fight

Stateside, fight-fans will be paying $89 to watch the fight and $99 to watch the fight in HD. Mayweather reportedly wanted Irish and UK fans to pay €100 to enjoy the fight. Despite getting some flack for nabbing the rights to the GAA, For once, people seem pretty happy that Sky has secured the rights to the McGregor Mayweather fight. Despite the prices in the States, you’ll pay just €25 to watch the fight on Sky Sports Box Office when ordering through the red button and €30 when ordering over the phone.

Can You Watch Sky Box Office on Now TV

We got in touch with Sky to ask if Box Office would be available through their new Now TV service. While it seems like a very logical thing to ask and also an absolute no-brainer, Sky will not be offering the fight or Box Office through Now TV. Strange that one.

Of course, we’re not happy taking that as the end of it!

How to Watch the McGregor Mayweather Fight Without Sky

If you’re not a Sky customer you can still watch the fight but you will need to pay Sky. It doesn’t cost a penny extra. Here’s what you’ll need to do if you want to watch the McGregor Mayweather fight without Sky:

buy fight on sky box office

  1. Purchase the fight through the Sky Box Office site
  2. Now you can sign in and watch the fight through your laptop
  3. If you want, download the Sky Box Office app for iOS or Android
  4. Now you can sign in and watch the fight through your phone or tablet
  5. Finally, if you do have a Now TV box, you can also download the Sky Box Office app for Now TV
  6. Sign in and watch the fight on TV


Our Verdict?

Well, I know shag all about boxing and MMA. I know Michael Phelps would be unlikely to upset Usain Bolt in the 100 meters, but he’s able to run. I’d imagine McGregor will be able to stand up to Mayweather, but he surely can’t rumble him, right? Chris Eubank isn’t convinced McGregor can beat Mayweather but does believe an Irish man can beat him:

One thing is for sure. This is going to be a spectacle. Our advice is to get a load of friends around, stock the fridge with beers and find several seat substitutes. Also look up how to make guac. It’s actually really easy.






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