Watch Ireland vs England without Sky Sports

If you want to watch the Ireland match against England but don’t have Sky Sports, chances are there is a little work around that will work for you.

Ireland versus England may be friendly match, but for a lazy Sunday it’s perfect viewing. Now, with all that FIFA cash knocking about, you’d think there would be someway for our own national games to be on our national broadcaster’s channels, but alas it’s not to be. We must watch our national friendly games on Sky Sports or pay €9.99 on Setanta.

However, don’t forget, it’s also an English game.

LINK: The guys over at ekayi have a great guide to tuning extra channels on your Sky box

Not everyone knows that there are loads of extra channels you can tune into your Sky box for free. The guys over at ekayi have put together a great guide on how to tune in these extra channels on your Sky box.

So what you might ask? Well as we mentioned, it’s also an English friendly game, which means UTV are showing it. So for once, it’s relatively easy and free to watch an Ireland friendly game without waiting for delayed coverage at 8pm.

Enjoy your lazy Sunday with the footy!