What is Trash Dove and why has it taken over Facebook?

Trash Dove. What is it? Where did it come from? We all spend a lot of time on Facebook. Checking in, updating statuses, posting soppy pictures for Valentines Day – guilty on all counts your Honor. So, we’ve all have seen the purple headbanging pigeon across our newsfeed at some point right? Just what exactly is this all about?

How Trash Dove began and went viral

trash dove stickers on facebookTrash Dove was created by artist Syd Weiler, based out of Florida and an Adobe Creative resident. And while the animated gif is what we are seeing across Facebook, Trash Dove is actually a full set of stickers.

Designed for the Apple Store, the full set made its Facebook debut on 31 January 2017. It then gained fame in Asia, by going viral in Thailand by 7 February. The GIF was used in a music video which and has received over 3 million views within the space of five days.

แมวเด้ง + นกเด้า fusion

Posted by สัตว์โลกอมตีน on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Why is it all over Facebook?

Eventually, the video made its’ way over to Europe. Since then, Trash Dove is being used on Facebook as a reply to pretty much any comment thread. For no real clear reason, it has become an overnight social media sensation. And it’s showing no sign of letting up. Weiler is working on more “Trash” stickers to capitalise on the success of Trash Dove.

Well don internet, you’ve done it again. Something completely random but strangely captivating.








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