Last April, Three made some contract changes which meant nearly all of their bill pay customers could leave their contract without paying a massive fee. When we broke the news back then, it broke our site repeatedly with over 30,000 people visiting the article in 48 hours. To say people were interested in the news is an understatement and it’s happening all over again for many customers.

ComReg Fines Three over €500,000

When Three announced the contract changes back in April, they were inundated with people looking to leave their bill pay plan. You might ask why. Well, because Three were making a contract change, customers could leave their contract without paying a massive fee. The cherry on top was customers being allowed to keep their phones too, effectively saving a fortune.

Well, people were so interested in getting out, Three’s call centre wasn’t able to handle the demand and their dedicated 1800 number was no longer accessible. ComReg has decided that this number being unavailable was standing in the way of customers being able to leave, deeming it unfair to the customer. As a result, ComReg has fined Three a whopping €575,000.

Now, I’m going to be completely honest and say that seems a little excessive, but if you’re a Three customer there’s some further good news.

Some Three Customers Can Leave Their Contracts

To try an rectify the situation, Three has introduced several new ways customers can notify the network of desire to cancel a contract so this shouldn’t happen again. However, if you were a Three customer before this all happened are you still are, you might have a second bite of the cherry to exit your contract.

Three will be re-notifying certain customers of the April contract change and allowing them another 30-day window to exit their contract without paying a penalty. The network will also be contacting as many customers as it can identify who had attempted to contact the 1800 number but was unable to reach a customer care agent.

Can I Leave My Three Contract?

Ok, so you want the tl;dr. If you are a long-time Three customer on bill pay and you haven’t upgraded since April, there’s a real chance you could exit your contract, regardless of how long you have left on it. You will also, most likely, be able to keep the smartphone you have on the plan. When this originally happened, we saw stories on the Goos3D Facebook page of people leaving their contract just weeks after getting a brand new iPhone 7.

If in doubt, give them a shout.

We’ve yet to see which number you’re supposed to call, but the last time around it was this free phone number: 1800 818 021. You can also Talk to Three on Boards.

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