Spotify users data leaked online

A list has emerged online today showing hundreds of Spotify users details, in what initially appears to be a rather large data breach from the world’s leading music streaming service. Four Irish users are believed to have been involved, with fifteen from the UK

spotify data leakTechcrunch has been in contact with selected people on the list which was leaked via the website, Pastebin. The selected users stated that their accounts had been compromised a few days ago. Users experienced music being added to their playlists without their consent, while others had their accounts taken over altogether.

The details which have been made available to Goos3D include user emails, passwords, nationality and account type. Spotify have stated they have not been hacked, and user data is secure.

We always recommend against readers going looking for the leaked data, remembering that this is private user data. If you are concerned that your data may have been compromised, type the email address associated with your Spotify account below. This will check it against compromised accounts and let you know if you’re involved.


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