Sky Knights: Terms and conditions

We hate terms and conditions. Let’s just keep it chill, yeah?

  1. As stated on the competition form, when you enter we’ll add you to our newsletter. We call that the Goos3DLetter. We only send this out every now and then, so don’t feel like it’s a burden. You can unsubscribe whenever you like too.
  2. Everyone is allowed one entry. You can blanket bomb the form with entries but it’ll do you no good.
  3. We’ll announce a winner on October 20th. Basically, we export all entries to a spreadsheet and ask Alexa to pick a random number between 1 and whatever. If you’re on that line, you’re a winner.
  4. We’ll email winners. The prize is a Steam Code to download Sky Knights. This is the only form the prize will be awarded. No cash alternatives, no physical copies and all that stuff. Just a Steam code. The game works on most mid-level machines, but sorry if it doesn’t work on your laptop.
  5. Our decisions are final. We’re sound and as such, we’ll carry out the competitions in a sound manner. Be chill.
  6. Any questions – hit us up.