Samsung to stop selling and recall the Note7

We recently covered the launch of what appeared to be a potential “phone of the year” in the Samsung Note7. Today, the Note7 is no less impressive but in an official statement made by Samsung there will be delays in the general release of the phone.

Why recall the Note7?

With 2.5 millions sales of the Note7 already completed globally, concerns have emerged around the safety of the phone’s battery. Of those 2.5 million sales, 35 reports of “battery cell issues” have emerged. Initially, you may think that 0.00014% causing a global recall might be a bit of an overreaction, but Samsung stated in a press release today that safety is the priority. The decision to recall the Note7 has surely not been taken lightly with the impending launch of Apple’s next flagship.

What is the battery cell issue?

Samsung refused to be drawn into detailing the issue or using the world recall. Pictures from one of the 35 reported “battery cell issues” showing extensive damage to the Note7. Not to be considered light damage at all.

Samsung set to recall the Note7

The phone was pretty much destroyed in the images available online, though we can’t help but notice the micro-USB to USB-C adaptor in the image, but given Samsung’s reaction, we assume this had no bearing on the recall.

Samsung have yet to announce further details outlining when you should expect the next batch of Note7s to be available.


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