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APP OF THE WEEK: Authentic Weather (NSFW)

Are you ever slightly upset upon learning there is a cold snap and a shower heading your way? Yeah we wouldn’t word it like that either!

If you are more than a little bit sick and tired of crappy weather, why not have a laugh about it and download the Authentic Weather App We’re not going to go into too much detail on what the Authentic Weather App does, because it’s a little NSFW and to be honest, it’s best when you just open it and enjoy!

If you could imagine an app that describes the weather like that drunk guy in the pub…well this is it.

Download the Authentic Weather app now for Apple and Android.

Reviewq: Red Rock on TV3

From the outset, this article discusses the opening episodes of TV3’s Red Rock. There may be spoilers.

This week saw TV3 launch their new drama, Red Rock. With gritty crime dramas being the hot ticket in town at the moment, we take a look at Red Rock to see if TV3 hit the mark or made a hash of it.

Red Rock Promos and Intro

As soon as were heard that harmonica come in, the fear overcame us. The Red Rock intro music is awful and monotonous, while the video clip does little to inspire us either. The video also looks like it was edited on Windows Vista Movie Maker or something. For the past month, we have been swamped with Red Rock adverts on TV and (for the Dublin audience) on buses.

TV3 caught everyone’s attention with a great tune and single shot promotional video for their new season of television, which ended with a creepy shot of Vincent Brown. Ridiculously, the exact same concept was recycled by TV3 to promote Red Rock. As impressive as it was, they really should have just picked it for one.

The Story Line

With Red Rock’s episodes weighing in at 22 minutes, the first two episodes were jam packed with all sorts of controversy. The highlight was perhaps the laugh of one Garda celebrating is 2 seconds of fame on a crime report. Besides that, the storylines feel a little forced and overly dramatic. Perhaps the show is trying to get by on shock and awe, suggested by the possibly paedophile Garda storyline. The biggest dissapointment is reserved for those who, like us, watched the above clip and thought this could be really juicy. The teaser creates an itch the show just doesn’t scratch.

The Acting

TV3 Red Rock
This lad’s accent…enough said

Oh lord. The acting… or is it over acting…, or is it the lack of acting? The mother from the Hennessy’s family was, after 30 seconds, the most annoying character of Red Rock, but then again, hating characters isn’t necessarily a tick against the show. We were left wondering if TV3 has pumped some of that promotional money into getting one or decent actors that maybe, just maybe we could have had a nice little show on our hands. The most unsettling aspect of Red Rock just has to be the unusual array of accents to be found on display.

Along similar lines is the scripting. Sure enough, we had to watch the second episode and we’ll be watching the next one too. The cliff-hangers the show leaves and its short 22 minute time frame, means it’s easy to fit Red Rock into your life. However, there would appear to be little or no research gone into the real world lingo and actions that give these style of crime show their edge. This leads nicely onto the concluding points.

Is it as good as Love/Hate?

TV3 Red Rock RTE Love/Hate Nidge
Nidge is and co are still top of gritty crime drama

This comparison was always going to be drawn. Love/Hate bounded to success in recent times and with the RTÉ/TV3 rivalry, it was obvious that this would be the latter fighting back. Strangely enough, the two shows shouldn’t be compared at all. Love/Hate succeeded in getting the finer points right, owing hugely to the real world police, criminals and travellers used in the show. If this were a medical series, it would be more Shortland Street than ER. Effectively, it’s a soap, rather than a gritty crime drama.

Don’t let us sway you too much though, as the show itself is getting a mixed bag of reviews. Give it 22 minutes and see if it justifies the second 22 minutes!

You can watch Red Rock now on TV3’s catch up service, 3Player. Episode 3 airs at 8.30PM on Wednesday.

How to Tune in UTV Ireland on Saorview

Do you remember Ren and Stimpy being on continuous loop prior to the launch of TV3?

Pat Kenny of UTV Ireland
Pat Kenny was one of UTV Ireland’s big signings. Image courtesy of Photocall Ireland

Today marks the launch of UTV Ireland, a brand new channel dedicated to the island of Ireland. Try and look past the anti-climactic launch show that is Emmerdale and see the though potential of UTV Ireland launching. TV3 may lose the rights to mid-week European football and we never have to listen to their god awful commentators.

With all this in mind, it’s not much good unless you can tune your TV to show UTV Ireland! Fortunately, tuning in modern Saorview TVs is rather straight forward. The video below explains in detail, exactly how to tune your TV or Saorview box in to receive UTV Ireland, or any channel for that matter.

Things kick off over on UTV Ireland at 7.25pm, with a five minute intro prior to Emmerdale. For Sky viewers, tune to channel 116, UPC viewers, channel 110, eVision viewers, channel 108 and Saorview viewers will find UTV Ireland on channel 6 after following the above videos instructions.

BEBO is Back

A shiver goes up your spine as you read that title…but it’s not necessarily what you were thinking. Recently, BEBO announced in hilarious fashion that it would be making a return to our lives…

Come the end of January 2015, you and all your other BEBO Stunnaz will be able to revisit those cringey photos that sat alongside willies on whiteboards and sharing the luv on your BEBO page! If you can’t wait that long, or simply want to try out something for a bit of craic, BEBO have also launched something a little different.

Available now in the App Store and Play Store is BEBO, but not as you know it. BEBO has now targeted bringing a little more fun to the chat app world. You are not represented by yourself, but instead an avatar created by you when signing up to the app. A short tutorial involving “messaging” the teambebo account, demos the features of the app.

BEBO has a bonkers take on the concept of a chat app. As expected, you can type messages, but you can also incorporate hashtags. These hashtags are then converted into images. The app suggests that any hashtag will be converted into a comic image, but a few we’ve tested have failed to generate images.

BEBO ZOMBIE HASHTAG#zombie is perhaps the most enjoyable BEBO hashtag, with #twerk coming a close second. #draw brings one of the most popular features, the whiteboard, from Old BEBO to this new chat app. Simply type #draw and you can draw as many willies as you like. Finally, #trending lists the most popular hashtags on the BEBO app that you can use.

The BEBO app also allows you to type a status, edit your avatar, track your favourite hashtags and set your avatars mood.

Whether or not BEBO as a chat app will succeed or not remains a mystery. It may undergo a similar route to Snapchat which built a young base before more “mature” users began warming to the app. There is almost certainly going to be a huge volume of downloads on both Android and Apple as users come seeking a nostalgia fix, but it seems unlikely that the app can take on the likes of WhatsApp as a genuine communications solution. Regardless, the app is good fun, and with Christmas upon us, there is sure to be a few funny interactions between friends trying this out after a good helping of turkey.

All that remains now is that you sit tight, play with this and hope to god that nothing becomes of that announcement that BEBO photo you wanted destroyed will come back by the end of January or not – you’re dignity isn’t looking too good…

BEBO is bringing back your old photos
Screenshot taken from the BEBO landing page

Get in touch with GOOS3D on BEBO by searching our name! Or have your say on it all over on Facebook or Twitter.

2014 Top Google Searches in Ireland

There are a few surprises to be found in Ireland’s top Google searches of 2014.


Mystery surrounds Kim Kardashian appearing in the top images search. The top “how to” search suggests that many are self conscious about their shifting ability!


Check out the full listing of Irish Google searches.

Well be back later with a full disection.


Hailo Ireland Voucher Code

This time of year in Ireland almost certainly means you’ll be out having a few jars! Plan to get home safely with Hailo.

Within the next two weeks, chances are you will need to get from A to B with a taxi, but why pay full whack? Hailo are one of the most generous operations. Whether it be a sporting event or a cultural night, Hailo often hand out discounts “- be sure to get over and follow the Hailo Twitter account for that!

For the time being, we’re going to make it a little easier to get up and running.

Free Hailo Vouchers and Promo Codes

For your first ride with Hailo, you can save up to €20 by using the promo code HAILOPRESSIE. All you need to do then, is book a cab and pay by card. Remember this Hailo discount code will only work for first time users and it expires midnight 22nd December, but do keep an eye out for freebies and othe discount codes on the Hailo Twitter account.

This voucher code will work with any first time Hailo user’s account. Share this post to share the discounted trips!

Apps to get you through Christmas Day 2014

All around Ireland this year, thousands of new phones will be booted up for the first time and new streaming dongles will be plugged in. You’re going to need a few apps to make the most of all this tech.

Showbox – Free TV and Movies


If you have an Android phone and have received the hot present this year, a Google Chromecast, Showbox is a simply must have app. It’s been going through some rather big updates recently, but the app has still survived. Showbox has reems of free movies and TV Shows for you to watch free online. When coupling this app with a Google Chromecast you can have one of the largest movie databases imaginable on your TV! We’ve already written about Showbox over here, giving the low down and a link to download it.

Netflix – TV and Movies on all Devices

Netflix Logo Goos3d

Netflix does not hold the most recent movies and shows, but it does operate is a less grey moral area as it is completely legit! It costs around €8 per month to run, but is well worth it. Netflix works on all major platforms including Windows and most games consoles. This makes it one of the best entertainment apps to view on your big screen at home. It is also compatible with the Google Chromecast. You can download Netflix for Windows Mobile, Android and Apple products for free (subscription required).

Pic Collage – Bring your snaps to life

pic collage logo download

We’ve never at such an ability to capture every single moment in a picture. There are countless apps to snap those moments, worthy mention to Instagram, but in compiling these shots, Pic Collage is brilliant. The app allows you to make stylish collages of your favourite pics. Typically, this will probably be a collection of sleeping relatives with Quality Streets on their stomachs, but still, a fun app! Pic Collage is downloadable from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


Dubsmash – Fun with voice-overs


A guilty pleasure. Completely cheesy and completely stupid, but it’s good for a few laughs on Christmas day after a few drinks! Dubsmash allows you to record a well-known sound clip over a video of yourself miming to it. So simple, but fairly entertaining! Dubsmash is available from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Jamie Oliver Apps



While we love promoting free apps, Jamie Oliver’s collection is premium, but worth it and very popular. There’s no turkey on display here, but the app will give you some great ideas and bring you through each recipe step by step, making it difficult to go wrong! You can also add recipes to your shopping list to make sure you have everything. Check out Jamie’s website to get it latest apps.

Etsy – Unique Gift Ideas


If you have checked out our Christmas Tech Gift Ideas and feel that something a little more handmade or personalised is what you’re after, check out the Etsy app. If you are still struggling to get some last minute bits and pieces together you might just get the idea to save your some hassle! Etsy is available from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Heads Up


If ever there was a game that sums up being stuff with chocolate and realising there is nothing decent on telly. Heads Up is great craic and brings Charades into the 21st century, while also recording you playing. The game has a seemingly never ending amount of genres and don’t worry, you get your very own tutorial on how to play from Ellen DeGeneres. We do recommended your phone is in a good case like an Otterbox…just to be on the safe side. Heads Up is available from the Google Play Store for free and Apple App Store for 89c.

Just Eat – Emergency Food


Burnt the Christmas Turkey and need a plan B ASAP? Well if there is a take away open nearby Just Eat will be able to place your order and in some places arrange delivery. Just Eat is also the saviour of many after a night on the sauce. So why leave the bed just to get the laptop to order. Get the app and just don’t lose your phone on the nights out! Just Eat is available for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

This is by no means a complete list, so if you have a favourite app pop over to our Facebook page and leave us a message!




Download Showbox – Free Movies and TV Shows

download showbox app free movies

Showbox – Download the App

First of all, sorry, only Android users can download Showbox. If you haven’t heard of Showbox, it’s a free app which allows people to watch tv shows and movies on their Android phone. It’s not available from the Google Play Store, as it does operate in a moral grey area (new movies shouldn’t be free and you know it) but it is available from this website.

Showbox – The Review

Showbox has suffered some setbacks recently, but everything seems to be running smoothly again. We’ve already covered the app over here, so if there is any info you need about it have a quick read. Any queries about the install, drop us a mail, comment or tweet!

Review: FUSED at the Project Arts Centre, Dublin

You probably think theater is boring and gaming is for nerds… Fused will prove you wrong.

Fused: A Live Point-and-click Adventure

Ste Fused

Fused is the tale of a lowly launderette worker, Ste (right). He begins the show by setting the scene and informing the audience he just wants to shut up shop and get to his job interview in ten minutes.

A simple act to describe the mundane context of a show. Then Ste does something unusual. He just stands there…waiting for instruction. These instructions are to come from the randomly selected audience members now sitting in the front row, passing a microphone along.

Fused Monkey IslandThe audience must control Ste and get him to interact with the other characters and objects on stage. The show takes cues from point-and-click adventure games such as Monkey Island (left), Grim Fandango and the Telltale Games series. This is not the time to switch off, as the show is far from being solely of interest to gamers. It’s hilarious, largely improvised and ridiculously tense.

Stage of Fused Project Arts Centre

In the left corner of the Fused stage’s backdrop (above), a clock informs the audience that they only have a certain amount of time to guide Ste through his puzzle. For example, to begin the audience has ten minutes to get the other people out of the launderette while every action just adds a new puzzle to be solved. In typical adventure game style, this simple task brings the Ste on a much longer journey which is highly entertaining.

Most impressive about Fused is simply the engagement.  I was on the edge of my seat, shouting at the front row audience members controlling Ste, amazed at how they missed something obvious but then solved something I had not considered.

Fused is running in the Project Arts Centre, Dublin, until the 13th December.

Cyber Monday in Ireland

Looking to get a few bargains online today? It’s Cyber Monday which is a lot more welcome in Ireland than the mayhem that is Black Friday. So sit back, relax, and click when you like something.

Cyber Monday Ireland: Gadgets

Google Chromecast – €29.99 (save €10)

Google Chromecast

We’re starting with this because it really is deal of the day! Just last week, we recommended the Google Chromecast as a great tech gift for everyone. With everyone owning smartphones and the act of streaming media becoming increasingly popular, the next logical step is to enable the public to connect their device to their TV. Simply pop the HDMI Chromecast into your TV and away you go. You’ll be able to fling video from various devices you own to your nice big telly!

Buy the Google Chromecast now from Currys

Jawbone UP – €54 (save €54.99)

Blue Jawbone Up

Currys are featuring a quite a bit here, simply because they have some rather good deals. Not too long ago, the Jawbone UP we also recommended alongside the Sony Smartband as a great Christmas gift idea. That was at full price. At this price it is a no-brainer if someone you love is into their fitness and has a smart phone.

Buy the Jawbone UP now from Currys

Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini – €79 (save €20)

SIII Mini Blue

This isn’t the biggest saving you’ll find this Cyber Monday, but this deal is all about quality. The Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini is a fantastic and reliable handset with considerably good spec. A quick visit to any shop (Lidl included) will show that smart phones are now available ten a penny. The sub €100 category is shark infested waters, so this handset is the really safe option!

But the Galaxy SIII Mini now from Carphone Warehouse

Kindle Paperwhite – €109 (save €30)

Kindle Paper White

If you don’t have a Kindle yet, we have to ask why? These are the definition of accessible tech! You can get your favourite newspapers and books, by the thousands on this tiny device. The screen is gorgeous to read from, as it utilises eink – a very paper-like display. The Paper White version of the Kindle is still very easy on the eyes, but also includes a backlight for viewing in the dark. Finally, the eink screen is also very easy on power meaning you don’t need to charge very often.

Buy the Kindle Paper White now from Currys

Powerline – €29.99 (save €30)

Netgear Powerline

Sure enough, Currys are involved again. Have you ever had the situation in your house where you can’t get WiFi in a room that’s too far from the modem? Fret no more! By plugging your Ethernet cable into this device and then plugging that into the mains, your internet signal travels along the existing electrical wiring in your house to a second plug. From this second plug, you can then plug another Ethernet cable into a computer, smart TV or games console to avail of high speed internet access. Great gadget and a great price.

Buy the Netgear Powerline from Currys now

Cyber Monday Ireland: Gaming

Red Dead Redemption

Some of the best gaming deals are to be had online this year. Xbox 360 lovers can enjoy Red Dead Redemption for just €7.49 by buying online with Xbox Games on Demand. More games are coming and going on sale, so check the site for the latest.

Argos look like the leaders for consoles. You can grab a PS4 Bundle with two games for €349.99 or an Xbox One with 3 games for €449.99.

Steam is being Steam. If you’re not familiar, Steam is an online shop for PC gamers. It is also famous for insanely good sales, so if you are so inclined get over there and take a look at some of the games on offer.

There will almost certainly be some more deals that appear throughout the day on Cyber Monday. Another big tip is to keep an eye on Amazon.co.uk for throughout the day. Another GOOS3D favourite is the Pebble, which goes on special at 11am

If you spot a cracking deal, let us know on Twitter, Facebook or by commenting below!

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