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Football Manager 20 (FM 20) – It’s Back & Bigger Than Ever!

Oh yes it’s that time of year once more! The time to forget your family, your job and responsibilities because Football Manager 20 is here. As a huge fan of the cult classic, I’ve been lucky enough to have gotten a spin off the Football Manager 2020 (FM20) Beta. Not going to lie I’m already the one more game at 2 am kind of person but to be fair Sports Interactive’s football sim has long been considered the ultimate immersive experience for armchair pundits and managers alike. With that in mind we cover everything you need to know before you take your beloved club to the big-time.

FM 20 Release Date & Price

Being a proud advocate of the series for nearly 15 years now, you bet I was excited that my pre-order came with early access because the full game isn’t landing until November 19th. That includes the full PC Steam version as well as FM20 Touch & Mobile (both smaller mobile friendly variation). The only release dates we are waiting on are for the Google Stadia which we should get when the when the cloud-based gaming platform launches in November & the Nintendo Switch. This year the title will cost 54.99 on Steam but you get 10% off when you pre-order.

New Enviro-friendly Packaging

Image result for football manager 20 cardboard box

There are two type of gamers, the downloader and the box collector. Personally I’m a big fan of collecting the hard copy versions of my favourite series. I know downloading is much easier but we all know there’s something about that disc in your hands. Anyway Sports Interactive have been on a mission to be better and those old school plastic boxes have been replaced.

FM 20 will be packaged in 100% recycled board and will come with a manual printed on 100% recycled paper, shrink-wrapped in fully recyclable low-density polyethylene (LDPE). They claim this move could save up to 20 tonnes of plastic and the aim to to kick start a movement in the gaming industry to become more environmentally responsible.

For those who are fans of previous games you will know Sports Interactive are active in the world of social responsibility. Using the in game hoarding advertising to promote Movember and War Child with options to donate. It may only be a small gesture but fair play Football Manager.

Graphics – Games Finally Worth Watching

FM 20 has made huge strides to improve the player and manager modeling this year. I mean if we are being realistic this is probably the least important part of the game as a whole but it’s nice being able to scan a picture of your head into the game to become the gaffer. Every year Football Manager makes some improvements and this year is no different.

FM 20 sports a brand new redesigned UI and it’s made some changes to various elements of the overall infrastructure, minimal but enough to make a nice change. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the ability to get detailed match day selection advice, especially handy if your thinking of new formations and styles with your assistant suggesting players based on a variety of factors like moral, form, suitability to the task and fitness.

The in match graphics have got a real nice overall. For a starters when you load your first game you get asked about advertising, whether they can use your online data to advertise relevant or generic information on the surrounding match day hoardings. Then we get to the game where the pitches have gotten a field that will now react more obviously to weather.

Image result for football manager 20 match engine

The match engine which is probably the best and worst feature of the games gone by, has come a long way from the circle spots of years gone by. The detail while nowhere near console titles is good enough that when you see your player swing a first time volley from 30 yards you’ll be hard pressed not to react. Genuinely I was showing the housemates and I highly regret not recording the scenes when my real life favourite player, Aleksandar Mitrović struck a thunderbolt to get us into the Carabao Cup Final. Now there are still some minor defensive AI bloopers which are a tad frustrating, but maybe that adds to the whole game?

Tactical advice

Image result for football manager 20 Tactics

Last year saw the introduction of a completely overhauled tactical set up which was both intuitive and exciting but also super easy to make a balls of if you didn’t understand what kind of details are needed to make each tactic work. With styles like Tiki-Taka, Vertical Tiki-Taka, Direct, Counterpress and the Gegenpress all coming to the fore in recent years it’s so easy to get lost in the this arena.

What do you want your team to do in transition, how do your full backs react and then what happens both in and out of possession in terms of positioning, pressing, passing, marking and whatever else, the possibilities are endless. Buuut this has to suit the players at your disposal, not unlike real football management, who would have guessed. Think about it if your team isn’t fit enough to last 90 mins at a high press that will come in to play, if your defenders can’t pass don’t play out from the back and if your forwards are big and lumpy then there’s no point trying to play off the shoulder.

Whether you take any of that into consideration or not is totally up to yourself, forge your own path or listen to your team of staff. They will now show you how are moving away from your typical tactical set up, things which are easily overlooked if you’re not the most detail oriented player. Anyway before you end up with a medley of styles hotchpotched together your assistant will pick out a few systems that will suit the players you actually have. Vital information before you waste months trying to play a style that hasn’t a hope of working.

Pre-Planned Punishments

Previous players of the genre will know that fining players for misconduct has always been a shit show. But no more. No longer will we be at the mercy of a players personality (every single player has their very own personality traits) when you want to put your foot down for bad behavior.

In FM 20 we are given the new Code Of Conduct, where your team captain will suggest the punishments based on the squads input for you to consider. You can tailor this yourself and this small little thing takes away so much pain. Your ideas and expectations are clearly laid out so the team will respect your authority, but if you fail to stick by it the backlash could be epic.

What Else Is New?

The best bit of Football Manager? Building a proper dynasty, planning for the long term rather and getting so deep that Kylian Mbappe retires. FM 20 is focused on the long term players and this brings about a whole new boardroom experience.

From the get-go, your club will give you a three – five year plan tailored to your club, broken down season by season. There is also expectations regarding club culture and this may even extend into deeper requirements when it comes to the transfer market and on-field style or even budget restrictions that you will face for years to come.

Again seasoned players know all about the wonderkids, these are the chaps who are touted to go on to great things in the future who need to be treated with time, care and patience. Not always something that was afforded in games gone by. All that panic dropping a chunk of your budget on a seventeen year old who you’ve promised the world and aren’t ready to play is made easier. In FM 20 you can do what you would actually do with a young player in reality, tell them where they’re at now and promise to give them more time and prominence in a year or two when they aren’t children, and when your veterans have left. Sounds logical doens’t it?

There are also extra contractual options in regards to playing time expectations that link up with player dressing room influence and squad harmony, for instance in contract negotiations make it easier to designate someone as a Cup Goalkeeper or Fringe Player, helping keep player expectations in check in FM20. Much better than when you’ve a fellow who’s your third choice keeper causing ructions in your squad for no reason.

It’s been mentioned earlier but your backroom stafff gets also gets a major upgrade in FM 20. You’ll get much more detailed pre-match analysis including heat and touch maps alongside ideal matchday squads. There’s also better match to match tactical analysis of your opponents including recommendations from your team to help you pick the best tactic to win the match at hand.

Oh and sure it wouldn’t be modern day football management without the backroom positions of Technical Director, Head of Player Development and Loan Manager that have been added to better replicate the behind-the-scenes aspects of managing a football club.

Goosed Verdict

As ever with Football Manager, I was only really able to scratch the surface over the last week or so…solely because the game is just that god dam big! You know these guys make a serious product when their database, scouting system and player analysis are used in both punditry and by real professional clubs scouting networks. I felt maybe last year the longevity factor somewhat dropped but FM 20 brings that back with a bang as longevity is key. The Club Vision in itself is a wonderful addition that affects the entire structure of the game, increasing both the challenge and realism of club management. For new players getting involved in the series for the first time, the layout is simple, everything works as it should and the tutorial is beautifully unobtrusive. Then if you’re like me and you’re already a a fan of the game with the biggest cult following in football (yes i’m looking at you FIFA), then FM 20 should prove to be the most immersive title of Football Manager for some time. Now I’m off to sort out my suit, blast some Champions League tunes and manage my beloved Fulham to the title.

Kodak Smile Printer: Print Your Photos With An AR Video Twist

kodak colourful smile printer

Tech tends to move in cycles. Cycles which I’m sure leave many companies furious. Kodak could well be one such company. After creating the digital camera, they kind of suppressed it for fear it would kill their film business. The company survived many mistakes over the past few decades while also missing many opportunities. Today, one of the biggest markets for Kodak is printers and they’ve sent me a Kodak Smile Instant Printer to test out. Read on to find out why I think this could be one of the biggest gift ideas to hit the market this year.

What is a Kodak Smile Instant Printer?

The Kodak Smile Instant Printer is a relatively small battery-powered printer. It lets you print off photos which are slightly smaller than a credit card. Kodak, obviously keen not to miss a few more tricks, has included some nice additional features which make this small printer go far beyond being a gimmick.

kodak smile printer

Zink Paper

First up, you don’t need to worry about ink. While the paper your prints appear on is like traditional photo paper to feel, there’s a lot more to it. First of all, the Zink paper is the secret behind why you’ll never have to worry about ink cartridges. The Smile Instant Printer uses heat to activate different layers of colour within the Zink paper to prink fairly decent colour photos.

Pop In A Frame Or Stick It

The photos you print out with this Kodak printer are much smaller than your average photo. Picking up a frame stick isn’t a problem, but you do have another option. The Zink paper doubles as a sticker. Peel off the back and you can slap your photo up anywhere.

Augmented Reality

This is the bit I love the most. This is the feature that blows people’s minds.

Using the Kodak Smile app, you can edit your photos and make them fit nicely to the Zink paper you’re just about to print on. As part of the editing process, you can also link a 30-second video to your photo. Using the Kodak app, you’ll then be able to scan the photo you printed before some really cool Harry Potter style augmented reality technology kicks in. Hard to describe, but easy to show you.

Anyone I’ve shown this to has been left with their jaw on the floor. You can link and photo to any video of 30 seconds. The video gets uploaded to a Kodak cloud service which means others can view your video too. All they need is the photo you printed and the Kodak app.

Another important point is that this printer doesn’t need batteries. It’s rechargable via micro-USB and will print 40 photos on a single charge.

Why Are People Printing Photos Again?

Like I said, tech moves in cycles. There was a while where people were tired of printing their photos, taken on a camera with limited shots allowed per film. Digital cameras and, even more so, smartphones, have changed how we take photos. A friend of mine recently said a weekend to Donegal led to over five thousand photos being taken. But with this advancement in how we capture memories, also came memories which were harder to access. Our photos now live in the cloud, on hard drives or on USB sticks. We rarely look back at the shots we’ve taken and Kodak is out to change that.

There’s been a growing interest in printing out physical copies of our photos. Fujifilm has created a very popular Instax camera which you might see people without and about. This point-and-shoot camera will instantly print out a small photo for you after you take it.

The Kodak Smile Instant Printer is somewhat similar except you print the photos you’ve taken on your smartphone. For many, the Fujifilm camera brings a certain novelty to the table but for me, it’s the practicality of not having to lug around an actual camera which makes the Kodak Smile printer an attractive idea.

Kodak Smile Printer: The Verdict

The photos you get from this printer are a little on the small side and the quality isn’t as sharp as the traditional prints you might have been used to back in the day. However, the trade-off here is cute and quick prints from a printer which you’ll never need to buy ink for.

The pros way outweigh the cons for me in this scenario. On top of that you can also add in the fact your photos are also stickers with AR videos attached and this becomes one of the coolest gadgets for reliving your favourite memories on the market.

Where To Buy The Kodak Smile Printer

I’d imagine you’ll be able to pick this up on the high street this Christmas but right now I can only see this on Amazon.co.uk for about €120.

The Zink paper is where Kodak will make their long term money from you using this printer. A pack of 15 Zink sheets will set you back about €22. That means you’re paying in or around €1.50 per photo.

New Irish Wellness App Keep Appy

It’s no secret that there is a serious mental health problem in Ireland, particularly in Limerick where half of the Goosed Team hail from. In the past we spoke about Irish Tech for Good Company – Keep Appy and how they empower the user to take control of their mental well being. We recently caught up with Aimee Louise Carton one of the founders of the company about what they have been up to since we last spoke.

The platform enables consumers, who may or may not suffer from mental health issues to record their wellbeing through a mood tracker, journaling, goal setting and more. KeepAppy can be described as a gym for everyone’s wellbeing, where users have an array of ‘equipment’ or tools to help them take control of their mental health. Keep Appy has been designed to empower users to take control of their mental and physical wellbeing by enabling people to track the vitals that most impact an individual’s state of mind. KeepAppy is designed to increase self-awareness and encourage engagement with positive behaviour practices!

Vital Tracking

Image result for Keep appy

Keep Appy as we mentioned contains 10 key features that focus on empowering, educating and cultivating a wellness-oriented lifestyle, through three main areas:

  • Prevention
    • Journaling
    • Goal Setting
    • Mindfulness
    • Medical Pill Reminder
    • Period Tracker
  • Growth
    • Mood Tracking
    • Individualising Content
    • Gratitude Diary
    • Community Challenges
  • Care
    • Geo-Specific Partnered Helplines

In the near future, they are bringing in a gamification element to the app. Remember Tamogatchi’s? Well, these guys are bringing out their Keepies and as you enter your vital daily and work on improving your mental wellbeing, these pets will grow with you to give you a virtual visualisation of your progress. Plus little dogs are cute as hell so maybe it will incentivise a few people to work harder so they can grow their Keepie. To hear more information about the Keepies, Aimee discusses’ it in our latest podcast.

More than just an app

Outside of the vital tracking, Keep Appy is on a mission to make a positive impact. Not only are they linked up with over 40 different organisations such as the Samaritans, but they have also implemented a one for one model. That means that for every user who decides to plump for the premium service, they will donate a lifetime subscription to Keep Appy to someone in need, chosen by the helplines they work with. Essentially you get the premium service and someone in need gets a service that could be a bit of help, that’s pretty cool if you ask me.

KeepAppy is unique in that it’s a strictly confidential app – its founders have committed to never abusing or selling users data, in contrast to many other wellness platforms.

Speaking about the launch of KeepAppy, Co-founder Aimee-Louise Carton said:

“We are delighted to be launching Ireland’s go to app for mental wellbeing. KeepAppy aims to become the leading wellness app for Irish people. It’s a strictly confidential platform where users can journal their moods and gain access to a host of other services that can improve their mental state of mind in a matter of minutes”

All in all, we think it’s a great app and in a time that as a nation we are losing far too many people to self-harm and suicide, if even one person gets the help they need through an app like this, then as far as I’m concerned it’s a job well done. The Beta is available now on both iOS and Android.

Huawei Watch GT 2: Could This Challenge Apple Watch?

huawei watch gt 2 review

I’ve actually had every Huawei watch to date. It started with the first Huawei Watch. That was love at first sight. One of the first smartwatches to hit the market that actually looked like a watch. The Huawei Watch 2, which I bought for Google Pay, disappointed as Google never launched Google Pay in Ireland for wearables. Then, Huawei sent me the Huawei Watch GT. Another gorgeous watch marking Huawei’s departure from Google’s Wear OS with the Chinese manufacturer opting instead for their own Lite OS. And now, I’m wearing the Huawei Watch GT 2. I’ve been wearing it since Huawei launched the Mate 30 series in Munich and here’s what I think of it so far.


huawei watch gt 2 review

When it comes to wearables there’s plenty of items up for debate and I’m going to kick off with the design. I’m not going to lie, I’m starting with the Huawei Watch GT 2’s strongest feature here. This watch is gorgeous. Step away from this being a smartwatch and, in my opinion, you still have a lovely piece of kit.

This time around, I opted for the brown leather strap version of the watch which personally I believe to looks quite classy and professional. It looks equally good with a suit as it does with a t-shirt. The watches glass isn’t showing up any scratches even after two months worth of use. The screen isn’t sunk into the frame like the watches predecessor, leaving the glass flush with the frame. Once you get over the fear of not having that bezel to protect you, you’re left with a better-looking watch.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a silicon strap in the box too. Thanks to the quick-release system that Huawei Watches have used for the past few years, swapping back and forth between straps is simple. The benefit is that your business dress watch can quickly be turned into a sports watch. If the design is the Huawei Watch GT 2’s strongest feature, the sports tracking features is a close second.

Fitness Tracking

I’m far from being an athlete, but I like to stay active. The Huawei Watch GT had previously impressed me so I was unsure what else Huawei could bring to the table in the latest wearable to join the Huawei family.

huawei watch gt 2 fitness

The Watch GT 2 still has built-in GPS and is water-resistant to 5 meters. This is significant as the watch lets you track lots of sports. Leave your phone at home and the watch can still track your runs with realtime heart rate monitoring, even when you’re swimming. If you’re doing triathlons, the watch is clever enough to keep up and change between disciplines.

The big step up for me with the Huawei Watch GT 2 is the personal trainer. This bit of software brings you through various programmes and helps you keep your heart rate in the right zone. Add to all of this Bluetooth connectivity and onboard memory for music and the silicon strap and you’re suddenly left with the perfect smartwatch for training. Why? Well, you can leave your phone at home, connect your headphones to the watch and then listen to music without any need for additional hardware weighing you down.

One feature which really suited me is the watch’s built-in speaker. I’ve been running with my better half who was able to hear our programme changes from my wrist. This is a much more practical use of the on-board speaker as I can’t see many people taking calls like a super spy – though that does work fine.

Battery life

Actually, I probably need to go back on what I’ve said here. Maybe the battery is the real hero here. My pet hate with wearables over the years has almost certainly been battery lift. Charging tech every night just sucks. Phones, we can live with but that’s because they’re almost impossible to live without. Watches – well if that’s dead in the morning, it’ll just be left on the dresser.

Thankfully, there’s no such problem with the Huawei Watch GT 2. This thing has a whopper battery life, with Huawei promising up to two weeks of battery life on your wrist. I can confirm that you will get plenty of life from this wearable. In reality, given the level of tracking I’ve gone with, the watch usually gives me a week at the very least, usually with a handful of extra days on top. Plenty to leave you struggling to remember the last time you charged your watch when the low battery notification starts.

Lite OS and Watch Faces

Because you’re using Lite OS there are certain limitations for the Huawei Watch GT 2. There’s no payments or support for any other third-party apps. You’ll get limited notification information and the likes, but listening to and controlling Spotify on your wrist isn’t going to happen any time soon.

Similarly, there are no maps services or similar either. You do get a limited range of Huawei-build apps within the Lite OS system. Apple made quite the big deal about having a compass and Huawei follows suit. A feature I felt would be useless until a recent trip to Seoul left me realising how handy having a compass can be.

Again, because this is Lite OS there are no third-party watch faces either. Huawei offers a fair few faces on the watch by default and these do cover a wide range of styles. I couldn’t see many left wanting for additional details on the Watch GT 2’s faces.

Huawei Watch GT 2: The Verdict

The Huawei Watch GT 2 will be coming to the Irish market soon and, rather unusually, Huawei has been quite vocal about this. I guess this makes sense as the Chinese manufacturer seeks to make up for some of the losses they’ve experienced in European markets given the whole Trump/Android fiasco. Huawei is also launching the Freebuds 3 this side of Christmas showing their willingness to start trying new things.

This is, in a weird way, good news. It’s good news because Huawei is forever creating great tech that we don’t always get to see. Huawei’s phone troubles have left them in search of other ways to tap into Western markets. This watch could very well be the watch which challenges the Apple Watch. If I’m being totally honest with myself, I think it’s the next rendition that will nail Apple Watch as Huawei does seem to be continuing to find their feet in the wearable market at the moment.

Regardless, this watch is packed full of features and functionality making it worthy of some serious consideration if you’re an Android phone user.

The Huawei Watch GT 2 will be available before Christmas and should retail for about €249. Check back here for updates.

The DJI Mavic Mini: Buying The Best Value Drone in Ireland

buying the mavic mini in ireland

I think it’s time I finally take the plunge. I’ve been close to buying a drone a few times over the past year or so, but I always backed off. My reason? Simple. I would cry if I flew a €1500 piece of tech into the ocean. I just couldn’t trust myself. That’s why the DJI Mavic Mini is a real game-changer in the drone space. If this doesn’t make drones go mainstream, I’m not sure what will. So as I prepare to make my purchase, here’s everything I felt I needed to know.

dji mavic mini

Obviously, this can’t be a review. I’ve never flown a drone in my life let alone this specific drone. However, I can outline why this is the drone that’s tipping me over the edge towards making a purchase along with all the research that goes with it.

What am I buying the DJI Mavic Mini?

Like I mentioned there at the start, I love the idea of owning a drone. The problem is the hate the idea of spending a fortune only to no longer own a drone that I lost in the ocean or on top of a building. Sure, there are cheaper drones on the market, but DJI has such a bit name in this space, I’d feel short-changed if I bought anything else.

size of mavic mini

Until now, all DJI drones were just too expensive, but now with the launch of the DJI Mavic Mini, there’s finally an affordable DJI drone on the market. When I say affordable, I’m saying €399 for the base model and €499 for the Fly More combo – the latter appearing to be even more value for money.

The cheaper price doesn’t mean I’m cutting corners either. This drone still packs a 2k camera and some impressive stats on range and flight time along with a smartphone compatible controller.

What is the difference between the DJI Mavic Mini and Mavic Mini Fly More combo?

For an extra €100, you can get the Fly More combo kit. For me, that’s money well spent because straight off the bat you get more batteries which means more flight time. You get more screws and propellers too which, if I’m honest, is a worrying inclusion for a first-time drone owner. You also get propellor guards which, even with my limited knowledge, feel like something I won’t be using.

All in all it seems like money well spent to me.

DJI Mavic MiniDJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo
Remote Controller11
Intelligent Flight Battery13
Pair of Spare Propellers13
Micro USB Cable12
Gimbal Protector11
RC Cable (Micro USB connector)11
RC Cable (USB-C connector)11
RC Cable (Lightning connector)11
Pair of Spare Control Sticks11
Spare Screw618
360° Propeller Guard01
Two-Way Charging Hub01
DJI 18W USB Charger01
Carrying Bag01

Where can I buy the DJI Mavic Mini?

You’ll be able to pick up this drone in a couple of places. From here on in, you can assume the prices I outlined above as being the price you pay unless I say otherwise and someone is overcharging.

The DJI website

The first place you can go looking for the DJI Mavic Mini is on the DJI website. Here, DJI offers both the base model Mavic Mini and the Fly More combo. The catch here is that DJI already looks like they will keep you waiting for the Mavic Mini if you want to seek out some extra value with the Fly More combo. The base model ships in five to nine working days but the Fly More combo will take 20 to 25 days.


Another favourite spot to shop for me! Amazon.co.uk will be stocking both the standard drone and Fly More combo version of the DJI Mavic Mini. In a rather unusual turn of events, Amazon will apparently ship these drones directly to Irish addresses without a requirement for you to direct them through Parcel Motel. However, this all comes with a catch.

The Sterling price for the DJI Mavic Mini Fly More combo is £470. Even if you’re clever and use Revolut to get the best exchange rate, you’re looking at about €540 for this through Amazon. That’s €40 that you could keep in your back pocket shopping with DJI or with an Irish retailer.

Harvey Norman

One of the biggest tech suppliers in the country looks like a good shout if you want to pick up the DJI Mavic Mini too. Harvey Norman will be selling the Mavic Mini from November 11th. Fingers crossed they’ll have the Fly More combo on this date too because they are the frontrunner for my money right now.


I always try to verify the prices I recommend through PriceSpy.ie and this drone is no different. This is where I heard about PhotoSpecialist.ie. Being honest, I hadn’t heard about them before but they certainly look to have everything you’d need to shot some awesome shots, DJI Mavic Mini included.

I’ve never bought from them in the past, but it looks like they’ll have everything ready to go for November 11th. I’ve asked them what the craic is anyway and will update this post when I hear back.

The DJI Mavic Mini and Irish Drone Laws

In his first look video last week, drone enthusiast Casey Neistat made quite the big deal about the weight of the DJI Mavic Mini. The 249 grams weight is very significant in the US as it comes in below the criteria required for registering your drone.

This is not the case for Ireland. As part of my purchase planning, I naturally had to check out drone laws. Of course, I could be wrong so feel free to hit me up on Twitter to correct me.

The skies of Ireland are governed by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and it’s their order, S.I. No. 563 of 2015 IRISH AVIATION AUTHORITY SMALL UNMANNED AIRCRAFT (DRONES) AND ROCKETS ORDER, which dictates your legal requirements for owning a drone.

This order states it does not apply “to drones and small unmanned aircraft of less than 1-kilogram maximum mass less fuel and constructed of wood, paper or frangible plastic and containing no substantial parts”. This means that technically you are not required to register your Mavic Mini. However, there is an added stipulation which states you must also operate your drone below “15m above the ground or water and in a manner that does not create a hazard to persons, property or other aircraft”.

Considering the ability of this drone to reach a max ceiling of 3000m I would strongly recommend that you register your drone as there’s a very good chance you’ll be going over 15m once you get comfortable flying it. You can register over on the IAA website and from what I see, it’ll set you back €3.

Operating a drone in Ireland

What also strikes me as interesting is how restrained I will have to be in using my drone. The DJI Mavic Mini has specs far beyond what the IAA consider to be responsible drone usage.

With a range of 4 kilometres, the IAA insists you do not operate a drone beyond 300 meters away from you or above 120 meters. You should not use it in urban areas or within 30 meters of other people. I’m not sure how strict they are with all of these rules given the amount of footage I’ve seen which breaches these but do not screw around with this one. No flying of drones within 5 kilometres of an aerodrome or airport.

Generally speaking, a bit of cop on is important when flying a drone.

So that’s that. I’m buying a drone. The value is finally just right and I’d imagine there’s many other people thinking the same. At this price, the DJI Mavic Mini is a genuine Christmas gift idea for those who stretch the budget a little further than most. Starting at €399, DJI has just made drones go mainstream. The next time you hear me talking about drones, I’ll be an owner.

Watch this space.




iPhone 5 owners need to update their devices to avoid losing internet access.

Owners of the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad with Retina Display and the fourth generation iPad need to update their device to the latest software. This comes off the back of an issue that only occurs every 19 yers with the GPS. If owners of these devices fail to update them, theirs losing access to internet, GPS, iCloud and basically anything that involves going online.

“Affected Apple devices are not impacted until just before 12:00 a.m. UTC on November 3, 2019.”

In a media release, Apple stated the following: “Starting just before 12:00 a.m. UTC on November 3, 2019, iPhone 5 will require an iOS update to maintain accurate GPS location and to continue to use functions that rely on correct date and time including App Store, iCloud, email, and web browsing.”

“This is due to the GPS time rollover issue that began affecting GPS-enabled products from other manufacturers on April 6, 2019.”

“Affected Apple devices are not impacted until just before 12:00 a.m. UTC on November 3, 2019.”

Owners of these devices may have already received pop up warnings. These software updates may have gone ignored, as a lot of them tend too. Apple already advised owners of older devices to update their setting back in July.

This is important as a lot of people aren’t as keen to update their phone every couple of years, especially the older generation.

This is caused by an issue with the GPS, resulting in devices losing track of time. Although it only occurs every 19 years, if you don’t update your device, it’ll essentially be a Nokia 3310. The date resets to zero every 1,024 weeks, or 19.7 years due to how weeks are recorded in GPS systems,

This is important as a lot of people aren’t as keen to update their phone every couple of years. They may still be using an iPhone 5 or older as it does all they need, so it’s important to check in with them and ensure they’re still contactable.

If you do miss the date, not all hope is lost. You can still connect your device to a computer and click Settings>General>Software Update.

Untitled Goose Game The Review

In the last few weeks & months we’ve been reviewing some of the biggest and slickest gaming titles on the market. From Ghost Recon to Crash Nitro Fueled, everything about games is getting better. So why on Earth is one of the most fun titles we’ve played in recent years the beautifully simple Untitled Goose Game. You might describe it as some form of puzzle action game where you must accomplish small tasks while remaining undetected but it’s much less than that…simply you are a merely a little annoying goose. Your goal…steal random objects and terrify locals! What more could you want? This new effort from the makers of Fortnite takes the modern hyper realistic game and says “Na” as it lowers the stakes in favour of comedy.

The Basics

The game has a plot, but not really. You’re a goose and your job is to be a pain and cause mischief around a little English village by completing a to-do list of vaguely defined tasks, gradually unlocking access to more and more of the town as you go. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to build up a trophy stash of basically anything that’s owned by a human. So you’re the bad guy and that’s part of the fun.

Where the puzzle side of the game comes from is figuring out how to do these “tasks” and steal the villagers stuff. You can crane your neck, spread your wings, and honk your bill, anything to ruin the good villagers day. That’s really it.


The Untitled Goose Game has no tutorial, no guide, there’s nothing to unlock it’s a really stripped back simple game. But that doesn’t make it stupid. At it’s core the game is a puzzle game and trust me they are not exactly easy. While running your goose (I called ours Gé) you will bump into villagers starting with a local gardener. You will get a series of missions to complete throughout the game from stealing carrots, making someone hammer his own thumb, pushing tools into a pond or destroying lawn signs that explicitly prohibit geese. Not joking dropping a bucket of water on someone’s head is a right chuckle.

Remember you’re a goose and that means you’re about as subtle as a sledgehammer, my favourite trick was honk until someone notices, before jumping out of my hidey hole to steal their stuff. You don’t die in this game, if people catch you, they will simply take back their stuff or give you a belt of a broom. But that’s OK that just means you can spend more time figuring out the best way to ruin their day. Genuinely, this game is simple to play, with little thinking, and it’s bloody great craic.

Graphics & Audio

It’s a long time since we’ve seen a game so visually simplistic and just so delicate. Sure a big blockbuster title wouldn’t get away with pulling a fast one by using graphics like this but when you look at the Untitled Goose Game the graphics just suits the game. You could almost say it’s a honking success.

Image result for untitled goose game

The game just seems like it’s been built for smiles, the way the stupid goosed waddles around the place, the reactions to your honk or just the sound effects to match a move, it’s brings back memories of Saturday morning Looney Tunes and other similar cartoons. Interfaces are big and chunky with a minimalist UI that works with the serene village setting and it all sets the scene for your goose to cause chaos. The music as well is retro, amping up the ridiculousness of the whole game as each task is accompanied by a piano that feels like it in itself is a character that’s nudging you to do your worst…not that we needed much encouragement!


Image result for untitled goose game meme

The Untitled Goose Game is already considered an indy hit with meme’s taking over small corners of the internet. The fact is these developers did good keeping this game short and sweet, everybody wants more. Maybe we’re biased because they share love of the goose but damn we want some of that little tricky bird in our lives. Maybe release an office or city based DLC to keep us occupied while we wait on a full title.

Either way, the game is only a few hours long, about three or four hours in total. After the credits you get an expanded list of minor mischiefs but by keeping it short they have managed to ensure the game not only doesn’t overstay it’s welcome but has us all honking for more.

Goosed Verdict

The concept is mad, it really is, but that’s what makes it so much fun. That’s why we play video games at the end of the day. Sometimes we don’t need the sleek detail of Call of Duty or the glitz and glamour of FIFA 20, sometimes we just need a little happiness and respite from reality. This game offers just that. I dare you to play without a smile on your face as you chase a kid up the road, honking all the way.
The Untitled Goose Game is both brilliant and brain dead, ironic and absurd, complicated and simple all at the same time. The Goose Game is just down right joyous and a wonderful change of pace. Really who doesn’t want to be a village terrorizing goose. Well

worth the €15.

Insomnia Gaming Festival is coming to Dublin

Welcoming over 100,000 visitors each year, Insomnia Gaming Festival is the biggest and longest running games festival in the UK, Insomnia is now coming to the Republic of Ireland this November as part of a multi-year agreement with Irish based company SWD Events! Insomnia Gaming Festival will be coming to the RDS on 9 and 10 November, for a weekend of non-stop gaming action. Goosed.ie have got hold of 2 VIP passes to give away, you want them? Get all the way to end and enter the competition to be in with a chance of winning.

Image result for insomnia-gaming-festival-coming-dublin


Insomnia Gaming Festival Dublin is brought to you by the same teams behind the recent Dublin Comic Con, GamerFest and Games Expo Ireland so seasoned gamers will find plenty of entertainment at the show including the latest video games, Youtuber meet and greets, competitive eSports, Cosplay, Indie Dev Zones, main stage demos and panel discussions.

Sarah Whittaker, Head of Sales, Marketing and Content at GAME commented:

“Insomnia UK has been instrumental in driving consumer engagement in gaming events for over 20 years and we are continuing to take the Insomnia brand to new territories.We can’t wait to head over to Ireland and bring all the elements of the event to an engaged Irish gaming community at Insomnia Dublin this November.”

Insomnia Gaming Festival events in the UK tend to get over 70,000 attendees, so they are expecting big things out in the RDS. If you decide to go to Insomnia Dublin, you will be able to experience the brand new Vive Cosmos, the latest premium PC-based virtual reality (VR) system from HTC.

The Republic of Players will be hosting the Insomnia Live Studio featuring interviews with special guests and live gaming action throughout the show.

The Esports roster will be jam packed and includes Overwatch, FIFA 20, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros. and the eagerly awaited Fortnite Challenge featuring a prize pool of over €1,000 worth of cash prizes and gaming goodies.

Youtubers currently scheduled to attend Insomnia Gaming Festival Dublin are:

  • Ireland’s No.1 Fortnite Player – Dublin native Joshua Juliano
  • UK YouTuber Pyrocynical who has an audience of 3.5m and it will be his first time attending a Dublin Festival.
  • Call me Kevin
  • RTGame
  • NerdOut! Music
  • AntiTinkerbell
  • Impact Game Station
  • Little Mar Man
  • All Cast Irish Gamers
  • Discreet

John Romero will also be in attendance and will be discussing game development and design. Also, Jigsaw is the official charity of Insomnia Dublin and will be at the festival promoting awareness of the work they do in supporting young people’s mental health in Ireland. A number of joint initiatives will take place over the course of the festival, including a live stage panel discussion regarding gaming and mental health.

For more information and to purchase tickets see www.insomniagamingdublin.ie

We’ve teamed up with Insomnia to give one lucky person the two VIP tickets to the show, as long as you’re over 18, just fill in the form below and we will announce the winner on November 1st.

DTS Women In Tech Award Winners 2019

Last year DTS hosted its inaugural Women In Tech Awards, which became Ireland’s foremost event dedicated to recognizing the innovation, leadership and achievements of women in Ireland’s tech landscape. It was a huge success so it should come as no surprise that this year was always going to be bigger and better. Last week the 2nd annual Women In Tech Awards out of the RDS with the aim to highlight the diversity in the workplace, narrowing the gender gap and recognise the achievements of the amazing women who work tireless to drive innovation, leadership and success in the tech industry! This year the audience consisted of 400 high-level execs, VIP’s, government officials and of course us.

DTS Women In Tech Awards are working towards bridging the gender gap, something which is evident in the tech industry. Luckily society has been striving to bright this gap and events like the DTS Women In Tech Awards that prove just how imbalances the industry is. Women are statistically in the minority but despite this, there are achievements that need to be celebrated. Just have a look at some of the amazing 2018 Winners.

This year there were 14 women and companies honored at the ceremony, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. There was 368 women from over 270 organisations nominated across the diverse range of awards, tough job for the judges if you ask me.

Some of the winners included The Grace Hopper Lifetime Achievement Award being presented to Barbara McCarthy, CTO of Ding, the world’s number one international mobile top-up platform, Caroline Dunlea winner of the Entrepreneur Award (full disclosure she’s my day job boss) while Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy, co-founder and CEO, ApisProtect, which uses IoT to protect the honeybee population took home the LEO Dublin Rising Star Award.

Obviously I had to ask Caroline what it was like to win the award in a tough category beating some of Ireland’s biggest female entrepreneurs to take home the award, here’s what she had to say about this achievement:

“I am very honoured to have received the Entrepreneur Award and it means so much to me as a business owner and also represents the dedication and commitment of an entire team’s drive for success. What an incredible event with so many amazing and inspirational women across so many sectors. Thank you to Dublin Tech Summit for organizing such a memorable evening”

Companies were also recognized for their work with Facebook Ireland taking home the HR Diversity Award, Accenture was named as the Diverse Company of the Year and Connecting Women in Technology (CWIT) won the coveted Women in Tech Initiative Award.

2019 Women In Tech Award Winners

Image result for Women in tech awards 2019

IT Business Leader sponsored by Magnet Networks

Lorna McAdoo – Version 1

Trailblazer sponsored by Oracle

Patricia Scanlon – SoapBox Labs

Security Leader sponsored by TalentHub

Ines Rubio – BSI

Digital Transformation sponsored Travelport Digital

Yemi Oluseun – Barclays

Fintech Leader sponsored by Fineos

Kenlyn Klamper – Fiserv (Nenagh)

Blockchain Leader sponsored by Business & Finance

Teana Baker-Taylor – Global Digital Finance

Entrepreneur sponsored by Enterprise Ireland

Caroline Dunlea – Core Optimisation

Disruptor sponsored by Wrike

Niamh Sterling – Recipe Guru

Rising Star sponsored by Dublin City Council/LEO Dublin

Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy – ApisProtect

Data Scientist sponsored by Kantar Media

Michaela Blott – Xilinx

Mentorship sponsored by Fiserv

Jacinta Walker – Qualtrics

Diversity Role Model Award sponsored by Sysnet Global Solutions

Mary Browne – Citi

HR Diversity Initiative sponsored by PwC

Facebook HR Team

Diverse Company Of The Year sponsored by Permanent TSB

Accenture Ireland

Women in Tech Initiative sponsored by Version 1

Connecting Women in Technology

Grace Hopper sponsored by SFI Ireland

Barbara McCarthy – Ding

GoMo: What’s The Catch With Eir’s New Network?

gomo whats the catch

I love a bargain. Like, I really love a bargain. So when a new network launches in Ireland offering unlimited calls, texts and data for €9.99 per month, my ears pricked up. Before I knew it, I had two sims ordered. Not a single term or condition had been read. Now, in the safety net of my 14-day distance selling period which means I can cancel these seems for the next two weeks, I’ve read through the terms. Have I found any snags? Just what is the catch with Eir’s new network GoMo?

With GoMo, Is Unlimited Really Unlimited?

GoMo promises to give you “all you need” to stay connected. Their offering is deliberately vague to keep you focused on that €9.99 per month price tag. But, let’s take a step back and look at what unlimited means with GoMo.

Unlimited Calls

For your unlimited calls, there is a fair usage policy which caps your plan at 45,000 minutes. That means you’d need to be on your phone for longer than a month. Which isn’t really possible because by the time a month rolls around your plan will be rolling over into the following month’s allowance.

Technically, as unlikely as it is to happen it’s possible and if you manage it, calls over the 45,000 minutes will be charged at 30c per minute.

Unlimited SMS

I’d say I sent about five text messages per month these days. Everything is in WhatsApp so the reliance on SMS is at an all time low. Till GoMo gives you 10,000 SMS messages to send every month. Again, a ludicrous allowance. We can split hairs over the wording being inaccurate because it’s not really unlimited, but 10,000 messages are too many for one person to get through. That’s an amount to stop automated systems abusing the service.

If you do manage to go over the 10,000 messages, your excess messages will be charged at 15c per message.

Unlimited Data

We live in an age where data is king. Noone really cares about calls or texts. Actually, just last week I thought about removing the phone from the app tray on my phone. I use everything else like music and email than I do phone calls. This is the big play by GoMo. Focus on the data.

Again, unlimited data is not unlimited data on GoMo. But any time you see “unlimited data” or “All You Can Eat Data”, I can tell you that it’s not completely without limits. Like calls and texts above, there’s a fair usage policy there somewhere. The difference with data is that it’s much easier for you to surpass your data allowance.

With GoMo, you’re given a very generous 80GB of data. However, it wouldn’t be unheard of to download more than 80GB of data in a month. That would be over twenty thousand Spotify tracks. To make things even more real, it’s about 80 hours of Netflix. If you get stuck into a binge, you could really go over that.

For the price, I could see plenty of students thinking they could just buy one of these sims and slap it into a modem to run a house. For sure, it’ll work but 80GB of data will evaporate quickly this way. So what will GoMo do when this happens?

It’s very simple. GoMo reserves the right to throttle users who exceed the fair usage policy and, as a result, impact other users in the same area. In theory, you might never be impacted by exceeding your fair usage policy, but GoMo claims they will be keeping an eye out for this.


Roaming is one of the areas you need to be careful with GoMo. If you’re in the European Union, things are pretty good. Over the past few years, roaming in Europe has become a dream and, legally, GoMo needs to honour the rules of Europe and let people access the internet.

Roaming Inside the EU

The new network from Eir will give you 10GB of data to roam in the EU. Unlike using data back home, if you go over the 10GB of roaming data, you’ll need to start paying for excess data. The going rate for this is €5.54 per GB and the network will notify you to say you’ve gone over your limit.

You can still use your calls and texts from back home while roaming in Europe too. This works for calling people back home and not numbers in the country your visiting.

Roaming Outside the EU

To be honest, it might be best you steer clear of roaming outside the EU with GoMo. This is a no-frills network and roaming outside the EU is certainly a frill for them. If you want to use data in the United States, it’s charged at €4.99 per MB. That’s over five thousand euro for one GB of data in the States.

Steer clear of this.

GoMo: Full Roaming Charges

RegionMake CallReceive CallSend SMSVoicemail RatesData Charging
Africa€2.99/min€2.99/min€0.39€2.99/min€4.99/MB (€5,109.76 / GB)
Americas€1.99/min€1.99/min€0.39€1.99/min€4.99/MB (€5,109.76 / GB)
Asia€2.99/min€2.99/min€0.39€2.99/min€4.99/MB (€5,109.76 / GB)
Rest of Europe€1.99/min€1.99/min€0.39€1.99/min€4.99/MB (€5,109.76 / GB)
USA€1.99/min€1.99/min€0.39€1.99/min€4.99/MB (€5,109.76 / GB)


I know that’s all pretty heavy, but for the vast majority of users, there’s very little risk or impact here when it comes to using your GoMo sim in Ireland. So what else do you need to look out for?

There’s an Activation Fee

Straight of the bat, GoMo will require you to pay €9.99 to get your sim up and running. Actually, this isn’t unheard of in Eir who still sometimes charge this fee. To be totally honest, for €9.99 per month, that activation fee didn’t even make me bat an eyelid.

What Phones Will Work on GoMo?

To get a phone to work on GoMo it’ll need to either be unlocked or locked to Eir. I’d imagine an old Meteor phone would also work if you find yourself in that kind of strange situation.

Will the Network Be Slow?

Interestingly, Eir decided to make GoMo a 4G network. I say interestingly because Three’s similar network, 48 Months is limited to 3G. Ultimately, this means that GoMo should be just as fast as any of the major networks in Ireland. The exception being Vodafone who now offers 5G internet in some select locations.

On the surface, it would appear that speed should not be a problem at all. However, the eagle-eyed Cillian Sherlock from RTÉ spotted an interesting line of GoMo’s terms and conditions.

GoMo outlined some theoretical speeds you might expect to get on their network and they were slow. 10Mb/s would drive most modern streamers fairly mad. I don’t expect the network to be that slow at all and would imagine that this is a blended average of speeds from across the country.

After doing some digging, tech journalist Adrian Weckler came to the conclusion that these speeds wont be caps at all but instead conservative estimates.

I’ve done some tests myself and speed certainly doesn’t seem to be an issue. Download speeds are as fast if not faster than other major networks. Upload speed, however, is a quite a bit slower which may be an issue for the posting stories generation. It’s also worth a thought that GoMo doesn’t have that many people on the network right now, so maybe contention will grow in the coming months and slow everyone down.

Update: Don’t Miss a Payment

Initially, after a quick look at the terms and conditions, I thought that a missed payment with GoMo meant your number was gone. That’s not the case. If you miss a payment, it rolls over to the following month. Once your account goes into arrears of €30 or more, your account will be suspended. To regain access, you need to contact GoMo and make a payment. Then your account is back up and running.

Looks like another catch that simply isn’t.

Can I Move My Number To GoMo Later?

Yep! If you’re in a contract and don’t want to miss out on this launch offer, you can sign up then swap your own number onto the network when it suits you. You’ll be paying two bills, but if you see the value go for it. It’s what I’m doing myself. I’m going to check out the network and continue to read the terms and conditions to make sure there’s no catch before moving my own number onto the network.

That’s covering off the biggest fears I had, but have I missed something? Let me know in the comments below if there’s another question mark you have over this almost too good to be true offer and I’ll find out for you.

For now, it does largely seem to be a great offer from GoMo once you know the limitations like non-EU roaming. I’ll have a sim in the next few days and will be checking out speeds around Dublin, so I’ll update this article once I know more.

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