has your ryanair flight been cancelled

Well, that’s a bit of a disaster really isn’t it? Ryanair has messed up some schedules and as a result, they’ve had to cancel a load of flights.

We’re not here to point fingers or play the blame game. We’re here because there was no easy way to check if your flight has been cancelled or not. That’s why we build this Ryanair Flight Status Checker.

How to Check if Your Ryanair Flight is Cancelled

Straight up, we built this pretty quick, so it doesn’t work great on mobile. If you’re really worried that you might be on a cancelled flight, hop onto your desktop. Other than that, here’s what you need to do. Using the tool below:

  1. Enter your Ryanair flight number (eg. FR 3412)
  2. Enter the day you were going to fly on (eg. 4th = 4)
  3. Finally, choose the month you were flying (eg. September or October)


Now that you’ve done that, you’ll see either a red “cancelled” or a green “okay”.

If you’re one of the unlucky cancelled flights, Ryanair are making efforts to refund, to the letter of the law. Should you find yourself in a bind, check out Google Flights to find the cheapest alternative arrangements.

While we did our best to build this tool as accurately as possible, we do recommend that you double check your result against Ryanair’s official list of cancelled flights.

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