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Sometimes, it doesn’t take a €400 console and a €90 game to be entertained. Retro gaming is massive business these days, but if you gave away your old console, worry not. You can now play loads of your favourite old games online. Read on and get stuck into some retro gaming.

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sega retro games

The Sega Mega Drive II is arguably one of the most iconic games consoles of all time. Sonic, possibly second only to Super Mario, in terms of iconic characters. Sega is one of the most accessible points for those of you interested in retro gaming

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That bit where you press the eject button and the lid of the PlayStation opens. What is it about that memory that makes it stand out so much? The Sony PlayStation progressed gaming an incredible amount – let yourself relive it.

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LEmmings Retro gaming

We will be adding to this section in the coming weeks and months. Still to come are more retro gaming reviews and ways to relive your youth for free. It’s exciting, trust us.