Retro Gaming: Play Sega Mega Drive games

In terms of retro gaming, the Sega Mega Drive is right up there with the icons. Sometimes referred to as the Genesis, the Mega Drive helped to define gaming in the home. Supported by a library of almost 900 games, it’s hard to resist getting stuck into some of the classics like Sonic and Mortal Kombat.

What you’ll need to play old Sega Mega Drive games

Ideally, you would have some form of controller to make the experience a little better – but it’s not essential. You will need either an old Sega Mega Drive console from the likes of, or you can use an emulator. An emulator pops the power of the retro gaming consoles into your laptop. You sacrifice some of the authenticity, but you can start gaming right now!

Another great positive of emulating retro gaming consoles is the fact you can download the games too. These old games are known as ROMs. The vast majority of old ROMs are available to download free.

There are websites dedicated to providing you with everything you need, but we have also put together this Sega Mega Drive retro gaming starter pack.