Pokémon NO: Sick of Pokémon GO?

We make no secret of the fact we are Pokémon trainers here at Goos3D, but it’s not for everyone. Respecting that everyone is entitled to their own opinions there is a way for you to hide Pokémon from your online life at least.

Pokémon NO Chrome extension

pokemon noIf you are a Google Chrome user and a Pokémon GO disliker, then this is a no brainer. Pokémon NO is a simple Chrome extension that seeks out any mention of Pokémon as your web pages load, eradicating it before you even see it. This includes social media too, ensuring that your opinions of those people in the office, that you were convinced were grown-ups, won’t change.

Unfortunately Pokémon NO won’t reduce the likelihood of these grown-ups bumping into you in the street, but at least you can give yourself some sort of break from the biggest tech phenomenon of 2016. Now, after that little bit of research, we’re off to uninstall that extension.


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