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Please, Don’t Touch Anything (PDTA) is one of the most unique games to appear on the Samsung Gear VR to date. We take a look at this crazy puzzler and it’s adaptation to VR.

There are some spoilers throughout but we did try to keep them to a minimum.

What is Please, Don’t Touch Anything all about?

Have you ever just had an urge to press something or do something you simply know you shouldn’t? In a nutshell, that is what the latest Gear VR game is all about. PDTA originated on PC and Android in a beautiful pixel art style game. Your colleague, desperately needing a toilet break, and has left you manning what looks like a rather important station. As long as you don’t press anything, you should be just fine …

And what if I push the buttons?

please, don't touch anything for the Samsung Gear VRYou unleash what is perhaps the most fun and chaotic style of mayhem you can witness on Gear VR. It’s lunacy, but endlessly fun. You play your way through various different scenarios and achieve different endings. Then you simply reset and start the next scenario. The goal is the few all endings, which you can track on the console in front of you. So push away as there are thirty insane conclusions and sequences you need to enjoy.

We’ve put together a brief gameplay clip you can see below: again, some mild spoilers ahead, so skip on if you want to keep it all for yourself.

What we look for in VR games


The developers behind PDTA were smart in their adaptation of this title for the Gear VR. Moving away from the flat 2D original, the new 360 version makes the user look around more and adds a very realistic dimension to problem solving. There is something very natural and enjoyable about looking at a white board for a phone number, back to the dial pad, back to the white board etc.


The original versions of PDTA were gorgeous in their retro styling. With that said, the new Gear VR version is beautiful and improved. The visuals are do not aim to be massively realistic, instead opting for a certain cartoony charm to compliment the general enjoyable nature of the game.


The audio is surprisingly important throughout. From alarm bells, to the great tunes that blare during baby whack-a-mole (we did say parts were weird), the audio is noteworthy of adding to the overall experience.


Once you get past the inital confusion of the situation you find yourself in, PDTA is one of the most fun and charming games to feature on the Samsung Gear VR yet. There doesn’t really feel like there is much point to what you are doing, but that doesn’t matter. You will feel compelled to work out all 30 endings. If you can do so without opting for a walk-through, you get our ultimate respect.


At €8.99, Please, Don’t Touch Anything does tip the scales at the slightly higher end, but makes up for the price in shear playability. You won’t be finished with this for quite some time, ensuring you get your money’s worth.

Please, Don’t Touch Anything is available in VR from May 19th

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