vivino app helping a user select the best bottle of wine

Have you ever stood in Lidl trying to pick the right bottle of wine? Have you committed the sin of placing a bottle of white alongside a gorgeous steak? The holy mortifying shame of it all. Thankfully, Vivino is an app available to help you turn into a classy wine connoisseur and a top-notch host.

How does Vivino help pick the best bottle of wine for you?

Vivino is a crowd-powered wine rating app. Over twenty million users have reviewed almost ten million wines. This free app then lets you harness this power to ensure you pick the right bottle of wine for dinner. There are two ways you can do this.

Scan bottles of wine with the Vivino app

Vivino is a great example of how technology should work. It’s super simple and totally empowers you. Like we said earlier, just think back to that wine section in Lidl.

Picking the right bottle of wine in lidl can be hard

Without two years training as a sommelier, you have no hope of picking out the right bottle of wine from that lot – it’s a minefield. Whip out your smartphone and you can boss that wine section. The Vivino iOS and Android apps give you the power to scan the label on a bottle of wine. The app will then scan Vivino’s database of almost ten million wine bottles, showing you average prices, user ratings, and the best food pairings.

scanning a bottle of wine with the vivino app

Standing in Lidl or the off-licence, on the verge of tears with the choice ahead, is made much better with Vivino’s compare option. You can scan multiple bottles of wine and then compare them together based on thousands of ratings. You’ll also see if the average price and if you’re being ripped off.

The Vivino website

The app is our favourite part of the Vivino experience. However, if you’re planning a special occasion you might want to carry out some in-depth research. The Vivino website is effectively Google for wine. You can select which type of wine you’re after, your budget and the average rating you’d be happy to accept. The engine then spits out the best wines and provides, where possible, an online store that will ship it to you.

Personally, I know nothing about wine until I open it and realise it’s terrible. If, like me, you’d like to actually pick a decent bottle of wine and have everyone say “oh that’s lovely” then Vivino is for you. You can even give the reviews a quick read and pick out some “oaky scent” nonsense for your dinner party.


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