Spotify Wrapped 2018: Relive Your Year in Music

2018 is almost over and to be fair it feels like the year has flown by. One walk through any busy city centre will show the same thing, people walking the streets with their headphones on, listening to their favourite tunes or podcasts. For many music plays a big part in their day to day life and it can even define a moment in time. Remember that hold “Football’s Coming Home” lark this summer? So as 2018 draws to a close and we begin reflecting on the year gone by, Spotify Wrapped has returned to help you look back and listen to your 2018 all over again.

Released several times in the past, Spotify’s recap not only includes users’ most listened to songs and artists, but will tell users how much time they spent listening on the streaming service. Spotify wrapped will even determine users’ top genre of music and the first song they listened to in 2018.

What’s shown in Spotify Wrapped?

Before we go any further with this let me put out this disclaimer, all the below has been taken from my personal Spotify account, so less of the laughing at my musical taste or time spent on the app. Deal? Ok nice one let’s do it


So naturally first up is the song and album you discovered first during the year, whether that was a minute after midnight Djing the houseparty, or listening to something to soothe the new year hangover the following morning (clearly mine was the latter)

Minutes spent on Spotify

Have you ever wondered just how much of your year you have spent listening to tunes? Well prepared to be well and truly shocked! Think about it every time you are on public transport, in a gym, going for a walk or simply want to be left alone in work the headphones come out and Spotify goes on. Spotify Wrapped let’s you guess your minutes before giving you the results, reckon you know how many minutes you burnt on Spotity this year? I didn’t but at least now I feel I’m getting value for money out of the app.

Top Artist

Well you can’t figure out how long you have spent in the world of Spotify without wanting to know who you spent all that time listening too? Well for me it was Mr. Post Malone….what can I say he’s my writing tunage.. whose yours? is there an artist that you know comes out on top for you when you working? We know Martin has his “get shit done playlist“,hit us up on Twitter and let us know yours! Oh and less we forget, Spotify Wrapped will give you the opportunity to thank your favourite artist through a tweet to show your appreciation for all the hours of entertainment. It’s a nice touch to be fair but Post Malone will probably tell me to go outside and get a social life.

The Charts

Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. The chart will give you the information on your top 5 most listened to artists, songs and genres for 2018. It is for choices like the below that Spotify Wrapped will generate a “Tastebreaker” playlist to help you expand your musical horizons.

Top 100

It would be wrong of Spotify to do their Wrapped 2018 and not give you a playlist of your 2018 choices, with that in mind the next slide on your Spotify Wrapped 2018 run through is a link to a playlist which will now be on your app of you Top 100 songs for the year. Download it, come back in a couple of years and let’s see how our music taste changes over time.

Top Sub-genre

Again exactly what it says on the tin, plus it will tell you how many other people also have the same love for the genre as you do. To those couple million people, are you also using happy bouncy music for treadmill time or shall we have the worlds largest nightclub experience?

Oldest Song

Thankfully we are nearing the end of this particular music journey and you can hop off and check out your own. No Spotify Wrapped would be complete without finding out who between you and your mates has the oldest song in their playlist. No word of a lie this became a little pub game between mates as we checked our history. Shockingly there is one person whose oldest song dates back to 2016! It’s a cool little addition and while not the biggest deal in the world it’s nice to know that music from back in the day can still be loved and enjoyed today.

Star Signs

If you are a fan of star signs and all that kind of stuff you might be interested to know that Spotify Wrapped will let you know what star sign you listen to most. Not sure what that means but I’m Aries, does that make me an Ariana Grande compatible?

All Talk

During 2018, Spotify started to see the benefit of podcasts more than they ever have before. So much so that they are now opening up the platform to more artists than ever, rather than just your Joe Rogans and the likes. Hopefully this means you will get the opportunity to The Goosed Podcast (yup kinda doing an overhaul from the TechYurt show but that’s a story for another day). Anyway right now you can still get great Irish Podcasts like Those Conspiracy Guys to keep you occupied until we get ourselves onto Spotify.


Now that you know your top choices for 2018 you might think 2019 is the year to expand your horizons. Well as we mentioned earlier Spotify Wrapped will generate a playlist of songs that fit into genres you wouldn’t normally explore to create a list custom just for you. It’s a nice little touch and shows that Spotify for all the crap they get want their users to try a variety of artists, thus giving them one more follower then they had yesterday.

Sharing options

Finally Spotify Wrapped will give you the chance to share your top music choices on a range of different social media platforms. I know this is 100% a free marketing tool in their eyes as your friends will see your info and want to find out theirs and so on and so forth, but besides that it’s actually quite cool, plus you can give your top artist a shout out to thank them for their hard work throughout 2018.

How to check out your Spotify Wrapped 2018

Spotify Wrapped has traditionally been very popular amongst its users and many people would have received emails over the last number of weeks with their charts like above. If you weren’t on their emailing list you can still check out your stats and facts for 2018 fairly easily. Here’s how:

  1. Visit from your phone or computer. Not available on the app just a heads up.
  2. Login to your Spotify Account in your browser.
  3. Spotify will start to show you info on the music you played in 2018, starting with the first song you played.
  4. Scroll through the screens to see all of your stats, it’s 11 slides in total.
  5. That’s actually it, unless you want to share the info with us, Spotify or your favourite artists.

I wonder if next year they will add a guilty pleasure section. Either way enjoy your Top100 and Tastebreaker playlists.

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