Moonlite: Bed time for kids just got better

Somethings stay with us forever. Even now, every night before bed I personally wind down with a few pages of a book. This starts from an early age and it is something parents and children everywhere love to do before bedtime.That is why we love this clever little gadget called Moonlite.

our greatest resource is the minds of our children

What is Moonlite?

Moonlite is simple yet it brings something new and interactive to a moment that is vitally important to a child’s development. Maybe that’s the inner Disney kid in me but as the great man himself once said “our greatest resource is the minds of our children”. With this is mind the wonderful world of Kickstarter has given us this really cool gadget.

How does it work?

The Moonlite basically makes bedtime stories come to life. The gadget comes complete with high-quality story images, built-in sound effects and simple but engaging stories. Moonlite aims to make the bedtime reading experience as magical and interactive as possible. With one in three parents reading their kids a bedtime story at night the Moonlite will help not just kids but parents look forward to bed time.

The Moonlite at its source is a teeny projector that attaches to your phone and uses the flash to project an image from the story reel onto a wall or ceiling while matching the images to words on your phone screen. The setup is so easy. First, you chose the story reel you want to share. Attach the Moonlite to your phone. The simple device clips on over your phone’s torch. Next, you open the accompanying app. Finally, the fun part. Read the interactive story with projections and sound effects. 

Better again the fitting glows in the dark and when you turn the reel the story on your screen will change too. Handy that.

I wish there was more to say than that, but hey somethings in technology are just meant to be simple. Now could I have one for my Kindle, please. Big kids want this too.



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