The latest Irish tech news

If you are looking for a place to get the latest Irish tech news, then look no further. Let me introduce Goos3D.

Why do you focus on the latest Irish tech news?

Ireland is an amazing little country. With a population of little over 4.5 million, this little island is home to the European and International headquarters of some of the world’s largest technology countries. While this might partially be down to our taxation laws on businesses, it’s also down to the Irish people.

The Irish people are obsessed with technology. Whether it be the latest smartphone or connected home devices, we insist on getting the latest Irish tech news delivered to us as quickly and seamlessly as possible. While there are other sites around that bring you tech news, Goos3D focusses on the latest Irish tech news and entertainment news to make sure you are not just up to date, but also entertained.

Is there really that much Irish tech news?

Wash your mouth out! Ireland is extremely rich in technology news. From startup companies on Kickstarter to everything else Irish is the tech and entertainment world, Goos3D will keep you up to date.

How do you make sure you have the latest Irish tech news?

We often recommend tools like IFTTT to keep on top of your social channels. Because we recommend it, of course we use it! By using IFTTT and Google search alerts, along with being addicted to social media and following several industry influencers, Goos3D has a great structure in place to bring you the latest news.

Of course on top of that, we have an amazing team of writers who focus on bringing you the very latest and best content the web has to offer.