Find Ireland’s cheapest petrol with

The price of filling up your tank is soaring right now. With the current political strain in the world, it’s unlikely to get better any time soon. Still, every forecourt is different so Irish people can still make a tidy saving on their fuel purchases. If you’re looking to find Ireland’s cheapest petrol, the team at are making easier than ever.

Using the crowd to find Ireland’s cheapest petrol runs on the “chatter down the back of mass” principal. News will always travel fastest between peers. is a completely crowd-sourced database of forecourt fuel prices from around the country. The website describes the updaters as “legends” and displays top “legends” in a table on their homepage. for Ireland's cheapest petrolMore importantly gives you a nice overview of the nation’s fuel pricing making it easier to find Ireland’s cheapest petrol. Of course, we mean fuel so it also covers diesel. While the overall design of the site is perhaps a little old school (non-mobile friendly, we’re looking at you), the way in which the site displays the information is nice and straight forward. You can filter filling station by county and area within which a colour key will indicate what kind of value you will be getting with you fill up. It’s always interesting to see where your station ranks against the nation’s best value fuelling points.

The app

As the key to being successful is the “legends” updating pricing, the team created mobile apps on the big three platforms. This ensures that you can check for Ireland’s cheapest petrol prices on your smartphone. It also ensures that updating pricing is convenient enough for to remain relevant. Better still, once you open the app, it automatically searches for the nearest forecourts to you based on your location. Pick out the platform that suits your needs below and get saving now.

Download the app on iOSAndroid and Windows Phone.