ICYMI: Doppelgängers meet aboard Ryanair Flight


Online social experiment, Twin Strangers, rose to prominence this year by trying to find strangers who could almost be considered separated at birth. A chance encounter aboard a recent Ryanair flight circumnavigated such a process.

The two men, both travelling to Ireland on holiday’s are complete strangers who just happened to be sitting beside each other on the same flight. The resemblance is indeed uncanny, but the weirdness doesn’t stop there.

The two men proceeded to check into the exact same hotel, have a brief laugh about everything, go their separate ways and randomly meet again in a pub later that night. You literally couldn’t make this stuff up, with this chance encounter being retweeted almost twenty thousand times already.

Original poster of the tweet, Lee Beattie is now receiving about twenty messages per hour of ginger bearded men, something she is taking in her stride.

We personally love the “pointing backround guy” in the original picture who has clearly just spotted the screen of the phone taking the selfie.