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We're delighted to announce that Goosed.ie has been shortlisted for a 2017 eir Spider

that feeling when your shortlisted for an eir spider

That's how it feels. Honest.

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Acknowledging Online Excellence in Ireland Since 1996

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Ireland's Longest Running and Most Prestigious Internet Awards

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The eir Spiders Particularly Reward Innovation and Creativity

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Yes, when these awards started, the Nintendo 64 had just launched

We looked around online for what everyone thinks of the eir Spiders and they're the three key points people make. We're not bigging up the awards because we were shortlisted. We're bigging it up because we're stoked to see Goos3D.ie reach this point.

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So, just how the hell did Goosed.ie get shortlisted for an eir Spider?

goos3d nominated for eir spiderWe’ve been shortlisted for the “Best in Blogging” category. Honestly, when that email landed in the inbox, we were a bit like…

But it’s true, we’re in the running!

For an award ceremony running since 1996, it’s fair to say this is a new category. In 2016, the eir Spiders debuted the award which was won by Rob Lipsett Fitness

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Yes, that is the very same dude that was on Love Island

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No, Martin won't be appearing there should we win

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We were shortlisted because we're trying to make technology more accessible to everyone in Ireland, whether it be…

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Helping people get up and running with Amazon Alexa and our own Flash News Briefing…

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firemole fire safety gadget

…introducing Firemole, a Corkonian startup and their crowd-funded fire safety gadget…

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supermac's google searches

…or even having some fun with how popular Supermac's gets when Galway play

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But now, we wait.

nerves gif

The eir Spiders take place on 30 November. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates, or…

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Check out the full list of websites and brands which will feature in the 2017 eir Spiders

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