The Goosed Mission Statement

Sounds awfully serious, doesn’t it? Well, for everyone here at Goosed, our mission statement is incredibly important because we’re genuinely trying to achieve something. The Goosed mission statement is signpost we can always check to ensure we’re creating content that will change the world the way we want to.

Our primary audience are the consumers of Ireland

Irish consumers don’t have a lot of places to get advice before they buy. We pride ourselves on non-biased reviews of various technology products. With many news outlets in the world today, few are in the tech niche. Even fewer cater to consumers and this is the gap we want to fill.

What do we offer the consumers of Ireland?

There are several things we are committed to providing Irish consumers:

  1. Unbiased reviews and news of technology innovations that impact everyday people
  2. Unbiased review and news from the entertainment world
  3. Encouragement to adopt technology

Why are we different?

We want everything you read to be actionable. Sure, because it’s interesting, we’ve touched on Tesla landing in Ireland. Honestly, we’re more into the likes of free apps that you can enjoy as soon as you’ve read one of our articles. We want to you buy something from the States because you’ve read about a new service that makes it easier.

We cover entertainment because everyone likes a good Netflix binge. Our hope is that non-adopters of tech will read our entertainment reviews and stumble upon our technology sections.

Most importantly, we don’t take ourselves very seriously and love having the craic with our articles.

So that’s Goosed. If you have any questions about this, hit us up on Facebook. We wanted to publish our mission statement so you know exactly what drives the Goosed writing team.