Have you ever heard of funfanickle? It does sound like the character from children’s book, but it’s not quite that.

Why am I talking about funfanickle?

Many believe Funfanickle is a coming together or two words. Funf, the german word for five, and a nickle, a type of European woodpecker.

Despite the close proximity to Europe possibilities, funfanickle is closely related to the United Kingdom and is all part of being a very worth cause. Before I end the mystery and disclose what funfanickle is all about, I’d like to have some fun with this and chat about five fun things funfanickle could have meant.

Funfanickle: 1964 Derby Winner

Raised by the famous horse breeder Mary Baker from Malahow House who also raised Arkle, Funfanickle was the 1964 Derby Winner who surprised everyone. The Derby was taking place in the United Kingdom for 6th time when Funfanickle, priced at 66/1 ran from the rear to take a surprise win.

More to follow…

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