foo fighters star viewer

All this McGregor Mayweather lark means the Foo Fighters released a single and I’m only finding out about it now. What’s more, they released it with a stunning, mobile-only performance under the stars.

Brands and bands are often trying to do something different when a big launch is taking place. ‘The Sky Is A Neighbourhood’ is the second song to emerge from The Foo Fighters’ forthcoming album, ‘Concrete and Gold’.

The song was written by Dave Grohl who was inspired one night when lying under the stars. That much of the story is a little cliché perhaps. However, what they did to promote the single is brand new.

The Foo Fighters Star Gazing Experience

To complement the single, the Foo Fighters have developed a web page, viewable only on Android and iOS mobile users to show you the constellations of the night sky. That in itself isn’t unique, but the fact you get to be serenaded by tiny Foo Fighters while you star gaze is brilliant.

foo fighters star gazing

You don’t need anything other than your smartphone and this web page. Well, maybe some earphones depending on where you are too.


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