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Every couple of months, a new hashtag challenge takes off online. Sometimes it’s for a good cause, like the ‘ice bucket challenge’ while other times it’s just something whacky, like the ‘condom challenge‘. FaceDance Challenge leans towards the whacky end of the spectrum. The app has yet to get that viral spark in Ireland, but it’s gas enough that surely it’s only a matter of time.

What is the FaceDance Challenge?

If you’ve ever played Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero, you’ll have a fair idea what the FaceDance Challenge is all about. It’s basically those games, for your face. Fire up the app and you’ll be greeted with your own lovely face being shot from your selfie cam. After a quick alignment check, the game starts.

You’ll see emoji-style icons scrolling up your screen. These are prompts you need to match with your own face. The idea is to get your face as close as possible to the prompts at the right time. Timings are affected by the song you pick at the start, with the game offering ten songs in total. The closer you are, the more points you earn. Simple right?

How To Win At FaceDance Challenge

The bit of the game you need to own to win is ‘Crazy Mode’. This is all about freestyle gurning where you can rack up the points. If you really want to win at both the game and life, it’s all about sharing your efforts. The game gives you the option of recording your session which of course means you can share the craic.

Share your video using #FaceDanceChallenge or #FaceDance and you’ll find thousands of others already rocking the game out of it. While it has just landed in Ireland, the FaceDance Challenge is a viral sensation in Asia.

How To Download The FaceDance Challenge?

FaceDance Challenge is available to download on Android and iPhone right now.


Ok, here’s a video of me going 100% gobshite while playing the FaceDance Challenge. Get up and social and share your own madness:

What did you think of that?

FaceDance Challenge
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