Last month, Coldplay played to a sell out crowd at Croke Park. If you were there, you’ll know how epic a night it was. If you weren’t, you will have heard everyone else talking about it.

I was one of the unlucky ones who (a) missed the initial tickets on sale. And (b) wasn’t going to pay upwards of €300 for a ticket through Seatwave.

Coldplay in VR

But now, with thanks to Samsung, we can all live (or re-live) Coldplay live. Through the magic of VR, Samsung are live streaming Coldplay’s gig from Soldier Field in 360. The gig is part of their “Head Full of Dreams” tour.

When is it on?

Coldplay are due to take to the stage at 8.30pm tonight, Chicago time. That’s half 1 in the morning here in Ireland if you want to watch live. If not, a recording will be available through Samsungs VR platform for a limited time.

What do I need?

Samsung are streaming the concert through their own VR platform, so you will need to have a Samsung Gear VR headset, and a compatible Samsung phone.

CEX remain the cheapest option for picking up a Samsung VR headset, albeit a used one. Brand new VR headset are available from Samsung Experience Stores, or from Harvey Norman. Carphone Warehouse also have a offer running for a Samsung S8 and Gear VR headset.

Happy viewing!

What did you think of that?


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