Travel Gifts: Essential Gadgets for Carry On

The jetset lifestyle is more affordable these days so naturally, people are traveling a lot more.

There are some really cool gadgets we've found extremely handy when you're sightseeing and globe trotting

Travel Gift Ideas

Travel gift ideas

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Hyleton Travel Adapter

Until you have one, you'll never know how handy it is

This is the least sexy gift recommendation in the whole guide, but also probably the most useful. When travelling, you might have a smartphone, smartwatch and a power banks, if not more.

Keeping all these devices powered can be a pain unless you have several adapters to match local power outlets.

This travel adapter includes four USB ports, a USB-C port and a regular power outlet along with adapters for UK, EU, US and Aussie outlets.

Less than €20 on

FeiyuTech Vimble 2

release your inner spielberg

Gimbles are one of those mad things you've seen but forgot to Google. Well, let us introduce them!

Gimbles are relatively cheap when you consider the difference they make. These gadgets are for capturing super professional video shots, removing nearly all shakiness from the shot. The Vimble 2 has the added benefit of a telescopic handle and a tripod stand, making it super vesatile.

Less than €115 on

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Anker 20100 mAh Power Bank

incredible power

Again, a big battery isn't that sexy, but when you're stuck without power and in desperate need of Google Maps to find your way, how important are power banks?

You'll be able to find power banks everywhere on the high street, but we strongly recommend you pick up an Anker power bank. They are the benchmark when it comes to portable power

You'll need to use An Post's AddressPal to get this shipped to Ireland though. Parcel Motel uses Northern Ireland, which Anker won't ship batteries to. AddressPal uses mainland UK.

Available from €45 on Amazon

Sony WH-1000MX2

Incredible sports headphones

At IFA 2018, Sony announced the successors to the WH-1000MX2. While the new versions of these headphones include Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, along with a improved design and USB-C support, the audio quality hasn't changed much.

This is great news because it means last year's model, the WH-1000MX2 is cheaper but still mightily impressive. Travelling with noise cancelling headphones is simply amazing. Noise cancellation excels at killing monotonous jet engines, so if you know someone doing long-haul, these are a great gift.

€275 on

Soundcore Spirit X Sports Earphones - By Anker

Incredible sports headphones

When you're picking wireless earphones you have a lot of things to consider. If comfprt while playing sports is a factor, you need to consider these.

We're currently testing these wireless earphones and have been blown away by their comfort and sound quality. Of course, we shouldn't be surprised, they're made by Anker

Available from €40 on Amazon

Tronsmart Spunky Buds

wireless beyond their price

Two things blow us away in the tech world these days. How quick new tech emerges and how quickly it then becomes affordable.

We tested out the Tronsmart Spunky Buds and were pleasantly surprised given their price. In some areas they outperformed similar truly wireless earphones worth four times as much

Available from €35 on Amazon

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