Made in Ireland: Irish Tech Gift Ideas

Whether it's rugby or boxing, us Irish always seem to punch above our weight. In terms of tech, we've got some of the biggest companies in the world based here

But there's a lot more to Ireland's tech world than being a tax haven. Here are some of the best home grown gadgets that make perfect gifts this Christmas.

Irish Gadget Gift Ideas

Irish gift ideas

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Perhaps the most important gadget you could ever own

Are all families the same? When you leave to go somehwere, Dad runs around frantically unplugging everything to make sure there's no fire? Yeah, we thought so.

Firemole is the perfect gift for the person in your life that loves fire safety.

Starting from €12.99 per device

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Drop Smart Kitchen Scale

everyone can cook

The Drop Smart Kitchen Scale holds your hand through the process of cooking or baking. It can turn the most hapless of wannabe cooks into a gourmet superstar.

This Irish company has been adopted by Apple into the Apple store and is arguably one of the most under-rated Irish gadgets of all time.

Available for €79.99


take privacy seriously

2018 will be remembered for many reasons, one of which will certainly be GDPR. Who doesn't remember the barrage of emails everyone got!

Hopefully, as annoying as those emails were, you're taking your privacy seriously and this Irish company wants to help protect you online.

Invizbox is a range of products which acts as a border between you and the world wide web. This is great if you regularly use open WiFi connections or just want to stay privacy protected!

Available from €70

Cultec Hurls

give the gift of hurling

This year, our very own Marty got back into hurling. Naturally, he wanted to see where tech could come into play and checked out Cultec hurls.

Cultec make fiberglass hurls which perform just as nicely as ash hurls. They've even been used by a few All Star winning players, including All Ireland winner David Herity in 2011

Cultec hurls are a great gift idea whether someone is hurling with a team or just wanting to go for a few pucks. They're also great for the environment as ash is becoming more and more rare in Ireland

Available from €25

Ambr Eyewear

stylish eye protection

First up, this glasses look slick and immediately make the wearer look more intelligent. Secondly, they are great if you work with a computer screen all day.

Ambr glasses have been specially designed to protect your eyes from the light generated from screens.

Available from €50Ps use our referral code for 10% off which you can find here:

Mishnóc Leather Accessories and Bags

classy style

Based in Galway, Mishnóc craft genuine leather wallets, bags and acccessories. These are some seriously classy ways to transport your gadgets and laptop around.

Unfortunately, they stopped making phone cases but everything else they make is incredible quality. Check them out for that special someone in your life.

Wallets starting at €20

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